Reminder To Those Called Into Ministry


My experience with God's callings and the biblical records show that a true call of God is:-

1. Naturally impossible, yet it'll happen.

2. Socially unacceptable, yet God manifests it.

3. Physically unbearable, yet you'll successfully carry it by His grace.
Reminder To Those Called Into Ministry
Reminder To Those Called Into Ministry

And, in the final analysis, the fulfillment of God's calling happens at a time when the one/s carrying the call seem to have totally failed by own efforts but nevertheless GLORIFY GOD for who He is & for what He'll do by grace for His name's sake regardless of human failure (See examples of Moses, Joseph, Sarah, Rachel, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Mary & Joseph).

"But when the day ... had fully come ... SUDDENLY" ... (See Acts 2:1-2).

That's exactly the character of the call of God. It just happens suddenly, when the day that satisfies God & His purposes has fully come, as we do our humble part.

God likes it to happen in a way that when it happens, "those dwelling around, the Jews, devout men, out of every nation under heaven. ... when this is noised abroad, the multitude will come together, and are CONFOUNDED, ..." (Acts 2:5-6).

This is the story of God's callings. And may this be as a prophetic word for the discouraged & the fainting ones.

Read and meditate on this, and GLORIFY GOD.

Just like Joseph who knew not his wife Mary until the promised Jesus Christ was born, likewise, may you fear God & refrain from all untimely & fleshy interference with God's supernatural & sovereign processes, until His promises are manifested.

When it's all said, done, & finished, it must be known clearly that it was GOD and not man. That's what He's jealously guarding & preserving in & about all of us. Stay closest to Him.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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