My Wife Puts Profiles Of Her Dead Former Husband! Bishop Responds

"Zvine dambudziko here kuti mukadzi anopota achiisa late husband yake on profile or status achiti makandisiira ronda risingapore apa anenge ava mune imwe marriage?"


Bishop's Response: The bereavement process is not an event but a long walk. Many people think that the funeral ends with the burial of the dead, yet this is the beginning of the real funeral. All the preceeding days of mourning were just clouded in the fellowship of the gathering that was around you making it a point that their company helped you come to terms with what had happened. When people go, the real funeral starts. The process of grieving should be complete and sometimes it should include a lot of counselling so that we get to the final level of bereavement. Many of us, Africans, do not go through the process and hence we see signs of mourning way years after the burial of a loved one. Your wife is a victim of this. She got married before she completed the full cycle of grieving. Son, support your wife, love her and take her through the mourning process. Do not humper her from putting the picture because it is part of the process but wisely and lovingly let her know that it also affects you negatively. Relax, the dead man is not coming for the wife. It's a process son, pray for your wife as she goes through this hard process.


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