I am Infected, Should I Tell Him?

Please hide my ID. I'm a girl aged 26.

In 2018 I indulged in sexual activity with my boyfriend I was dating at that time and he infected me with an STI. I went to the doctor and I had a scan done and everything. Was given pills and I thought the sickness had gone. I broke up with the guy because he refused to take me to the hospital and to pay for my bills of which he is the one who had removed my virginity and infected me.

 Now this is 2021 as I'm writing this, and I've never indulged in se*ual activity but the sickness hasn't gone yet because ndinonyara kuenda kuchipatara as I'm a well-known person. Right now in three months' time, I'm having a wedding with my husband to be and I'm afraid to infect him with this sickness. So I've brought up my story here because I need your help. Should I tell my husband about my past or should I go again to the hospital but the last time I did the medication didn't work for me? If there are any other means of solutions to make my sickness go please help me because I'm stuck and I can't infect an innocent soul.

I am Infected, Should I Tell Him?
I am Infected, Should I Tell Him?

Bishop's Response: Marriage is a life-long covenant relationship that must be well thought before getting into. As such in Genesis 2, the Bible tells us that both Adam and Eve were "naked and were not ashamed." That phrase initially, refers to physical nakedness, and yet, it also refers to transparency. Marriage needs transparency, there is no need for closets in the cupboard. Trust is won over time, can be broken in a minute, then take almost forever to rebuild, daughter, find a wise way to make the young man appreciate and know what you have gone through or else if he later finds out without you speaking out, that may be the end of trust for good. You have to be wise with regards to how to will tell him after prayer and also checking on how he would receive such news.

What is your response?

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