I am 47, Manje Anoda Everyday x 3 Times. Ndazvitadza!

Murisei passport isai mu bin ndiri mukadzi ane makore 47 vana 5 vazukuru 4 murume ane makore 57 dambudziko nderekuti anoda bonde everyday 2 to 3 rounds each round about an hour. 

With age ndaremerwa handichazvigone takunetsana mumba ndikamuti tsvaga wechi 2 akuti ini ndimu tsvagire saka ndoitawo sei kubva ndirmusikana ndozcaitwa bonde racho saka now ndachemberawo ndakuremerwa need yr help maita basa.

Bishop's Response: Your husband is in a zone where he knows he is about to reach his anti-climax of sex and cannot take this, therefore he is fighting this. He might also be a high person in terms of this area. Taking another woman is not a godly solution, always remember that marriage is for two people. 

We need to fear God in that regard. 

I am 47, Manje Anoda Everyday x 3 Times. Ndazvitadza!
I am 47, Manje Anoda Everyday x 3 Times. Ndazvitadza!
I suggest that you change your mindset, do not think of yourself as gogo vapera basa, start slow on exercising and workouts, take many fluids and foods that help you with your feelings for your husband above communicating with him and explaining kuti how you are feeling. Honour marriage mama and keep the fire burning, as we pray for you that baba can be more understanding and become slower in that area by self-control.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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