A Letter To You, Pastor.


Dear Pastor,  

It is frustrating to see how much you labor in the vineyard... 

















A Letter To You, Pastor.
A Letter To You, Pastor.

And all of them seem not to be yielding fruit... 

Sometimes, instead of the work growing, people are leaving... 

Sometimes,  the ones you're prayed for,  gossip you. 

Sometimes, the ones you taught,  fight you, claiming same knowledge you taught them.. 

Sometimes,  the ones you gave your all, leave you for being local, but you were not local when they came to you in need.... 

Sometimes, they are under your leadership team, but also in Absalom's camp...

Sometimes, you go hungry and none of them notice the dimness in your eyes, because you keep smiling.... 

Let's not even talk about what some of us do to each other..... In jealousy,  envy and bitterness... 

A lot that Pastors go through without complaining.... 

When you see a pastor shout or go astray,  it's not often because he does not know the truth,  but the strain of this work is beyond human capacity... 

(Don't be quick to judge a pastor) 

Beloved,  He that called you knows all you go through... 

He factored all these in when He called you.... 

Even that sin you are struggling with,  He factored it in and still called you. 

I just want to encourage a brother and sister in ministry.... 

He that called U is faithful and He will help us... 

He will keep U from falling. 

He will supply your needs,

He will be there when you cry in the night. 

I know your pain Sir/Ma

I have them too

But hear the Lord this day; "I will not leave you nor forsake you "

He will show up for you even if everyone walks away. 

IF you know a pastor or servant of God, please send to them and encourage them... Don't ever think they don't need it...

It is well with you sir.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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