What A Woman Wants!!!


Some guys don't know how much those small things can make a girl happy. Many of the fellow guys out there think that buying expensive things, taking a girl to expensive hotels, buying her posh car are the ones that count a lot. But that is totally wrong.

Small deeds mean a lot and they are memorable. If you don't have a big wallet, don't stress a lot. Don’t borrow a loan from a bank just because you want to show her that you are loaded; don’t borrow money from your friends and even clothes just because you want to be classic and stylish to her.


Compliment her when she is smart; tell her that you like her new hairstyle, and talk about her smile... Don't over tell her that she is beautiful because sometimes ladies get used to it and it becomes boring and common. Use it once in a while, find other lines and say them at the right time.
What A Woman Wants!!!
What A Woman Wants!!!

Surprise her with small gifts they will mean a lot to her, if you got no credit to call, just text her a good morning or a goodnight message it will imply that you think of her all the time, give her your time, listen to her when she is talking (be a good listener), Do some work or exercises with, if she is going for jogging go together.

If it's a weekend and she is gonna be busy with the domestic work, do it together. If she is busy washing clothes, make breakfast. Go for evening walks together, hold hands, have fun, and always keep her smiling.

These are small things but many men fail to fulfill them. They claim they have no time yet they had time to corn her and to take her on dates at the start. If you have done something wrong, accept it, don't be a coward or shy away. Just swallow your ego and say SORRY to her.

What I am sure of is, if she really loves you she will forgive you and she will shower you with her love and care.

All in all, if you really love your girl (wife) give her much of your time, respect her and be faithful.

God willing you will be the happiest man with her and your relationship will last forever...

You may take these things for granted but that’s

what a woman wants. She can be with a man who gives her everything, but if he doesn’t give her freedom and much of his time all that means nothing to her.

That is why you see some ladies dumping guys of class, loaded with money, and end up loving the poor guys because they know how to love.

Think about it most especially YOU and put it into practice.


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