Why Should I Wait? Issues On Se*ual Purity!

SE*UAL PURITY - Many ask concerning s*x, why wait? Here are 5 reasons to wait... And if you have started already, hey you should stop and join those waiting ...:

1. To Honor God. When I decided to keep myself, it was primarily because of God, and him alone, not even because of Jane. Remember, the one who fornicates dishonours his/her body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit. You are dishonouring God via fornication and you say you want a Godly Marriage. Your confusion is confused.

2. That Relationship may not end in marriage. That guy may not really be interested in you but your body and marriage are only the bait. One way to find out? Close your legs. You may end up not marrying her, so why discover and explore her nakedness my brother? And even if the relationship ends in Marriage, it still doesn't justify SIN.
Why Should I Wait? Issues On Se*ual Purity!
Why Should I Wait? Issues On Se*ual Purity!

3. Sex Complicates Things. Decisions like leaving a Relationship or staying can become biased when sex and physical intimacy have been introduced. Some testing the microphone people are in relationships they KNOW they should quit, but the sex is too good for them to just leave like that. Quite a number of Marriages were actually cemented by ungodly sex, not by love or by God. There are also STIs to contend with. AIDS is still real.

4. It's Wonderful to keep yourself for your spouse. Sexual experiences before marriage can mess with your mind, your sexual expectations, and your experience with the person you finally marry. So you have been with 156 persons before you get married, and one day while in action with your spouse, you wee just shout "oh Janet my love" whereas your Wife's name is Tosin, that day, you wee write 365 pages long explanation letter.

A man will be sleeping with Ngozi his Wife, and be thinking of Nkechi's laps, Sandra's waist, Jessica's lips, Tolu, Tokpe, Runke, Aisha, Rashidat, and comparing and contrasting.

When you are waiting, your sexual stamina is reserved, waiting, for the right person to pour it on, after all the sex some men have had with ladies while they were single, they become unable to perform without drugs and sexual enhancers when they finally get married.

Dear sister, all that use, overuse and abuse, pressing and squeezing that is going on... There will be consequences an ... Pity the final consumer.

5. Peace of Mind. You aren't afraid of someone saying they are pregnant for you. You aren't scared when your period delays because you know you are clean.

My Dear Singles, Wait oh... It's safer and better. Las Las, after marriage, you will see the sex to do and tire.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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