1. We just got engaged (single)

2. I live with my boyfriend (still single)

3. We've been together for 5years (super-single)

4. I call his mom and she also calls me (very single)

5. I stayed at his place (single)

6. He post my pictures on social media (first-class single)

7. He comes to my place every day (end of discussion single)

8. All his family knows me as his future wife (you can never get a sense in life single)

9. All his friends call me "Mai Mhofu" (you're extremely single).

10. We have a child together (single with a bundle of joy)

11. He just lives with his wife for the sake of their kids but he doesn't love her, he loves me ( Depression single)

12. He knows my password and I know his password ( sister you are strategically single).

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