Read this: "Marriage Is Not A Club!" What A New Meaning To Marriage

When I got married I was in my early 20s. I heard many married women saying to me welcome to the club. 

I got seriously confused. I asked myself. When did I join the club? And how did I joined this club? I am not a club person. I went back to my marriage certificate.  I looked at it seriously, my intention was to tear it off. I asked one of my seniors she told me what changed my life. 

By Pastor Siphatisiwe Tomango ( Faith In God, Botswana)

She said, "you are holding a covenant certificate with God." I realized that maybe some people the reason they play around with marriage is that, they were not told that marriage is not a club but a covenant with God not with man/woman. 

What A New Meaning To Marriage
What A New Meaning To Marriage

When they shout at each other in marriage or abuse each other they don't know that they are fighting God. They are embarrassing  God. Then I learnt that I have to talk to the owner of the covenant when I meet challenges. I never asked for help from those who consider marriage as a club. I enjoyed my marriage so much without club people. 

Now when I lost my husband I had another band of club people saying to me welcome to the club!!! Haaa!!!! I am running away from clubs again. I  want to say to some new or those preparing or desiring to be married, "make Jesus the foundation of your marriage." Never ever one day consider your marriage as a club. Remember the club always has managers. some managers have been appointed on favouritism.  

Invite God, the author of marriage to teach you. When you meet challenges it's normal, tell the owner. He will give you the answer and wisdom on how to handle your spouse. He/she is not impossible, just ask the owner. You will enjoy the journey with God not with the club people. 

What A New Meaning To Marriage
What A New Meaning To Marriage


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