Help-Centre: Ndodiiwo Nemurume Anodai, Ndibatsireiwo?

I'm a 40 year old married for 18 years now the issue is tirikutadza kunzwanana nahubby and I need advice.

My husband started cheating tichangoroorana and I don't even remember how many side chicks he ever had since... I tested negative when I was pregnant for my second child but during the process of childbearing or breastfeeding, he infected me with HIV. Mwana aigara achingorwara until I one day discovered a chat with one other lady vachitaura how they had intimately had unprotected sex and that gave me an idea i had to be tested and alas the results came + for both baby and 1. 

I got home and had to disclose this to him of which he responded that he was aware and already on ARV"s to which he gave all excuses as to why he betrayed us as such. I forgave him and concluded life could still go
Help-Centre: Ndodiiwo Nemurume Anodai, Ndibatsireiwo?
Help-Centre: Ndodiiwo Nemurume Anodai, Ndibatsireiwo?

He moved to Namibia and continued with that relationship until I don't know. Ku Namibia he got into another affair nemukadzi wemunhu and they were discovered and he was brutally assaulted (left to die ) if I may say i had to nurse him ari muIntensive care until he was home which took him close to a year to heal sezvo aive kuvara he even had to be amputated and now he is disabled.

I am a Christian wife and never in my life have I considered revenging or even leaving the marriage asi all along ndinongonamata kuti Mwari for the sake of my kids ndipeiwo simba. Now 4 years after being injured and all he was compensated since akakuvara ari pabasa achicheka bulk papers and that's where our problem is. Mari yake handina right over... as a couple we don't plan things together. I get less than a quarter of his monthly earnings and that should sustain me and our 3 kids for the whole month. Handizive kunoenda the rest of his money and i have tried to communicate naye but haaudzirwe. Lately he has been accusing me of being unfaithful and whenever I tried to communicate he says abusive words to me and I can't take it anymore. He has even gone as far as accusing me of having an affair with one pastor at church not knowing what evidence he has against me.

I have suffered enough violence at the hands of my husband mama and I need honest advice about my situation. I'm suffocating and I don't have anyone to pour out my heart to. Is this worthy to fight for or I should just finally leave this all I'm tired!

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