5 Things Most Women Secretly Want in Bed But Will Never Tell You!

It's no longer news that women are complicated creatures and understanding their regular needs can be difficult and confusing, especially when they're keeping it a secret.

In a relationship, most women are shy about expressing their feelings and letting their partner's know what they want from them in bed, and thereby keep these fantasies a secret.
5 Things Most Women Secretly Want in Bed But Will Never Tell You!
5 Things Most Women Secretly Want in Bed But Will Never Tell You!

There are different needs women desire from men in bed, and I'll quickly talk about 5 of those things most women secretly want in bed but will never tell their partners.

1. Compliment her on how beautiful and special she is:

Before anything else, let your woman know how beautiful she is and how you appreciate the fact she's with you. Women generally love compliments and when you compliment your woman in bed, it makes her happy, relaxed, and comfortable.

2. Place kisses on her forehead.

A kiss on the forehead signifies respect, and when you place kisses on a woman's forehead, it means you respect her and would never do anything to hurt her. Women value respect more than anything and would appreciate this gesture, especially in bed.

3. Never rush her.

No matter how turned on you are, never rush a woman in bed! Most women love taking things slow and appreciate when a man gives them time to get into the mood and savour every moment that follows intimacy.

4. Play with her hair and give her gentle massages

This might seem like a simple act but most women love it when you touch and play with their hair. Women's hair is a huge part of them, and slowly caressing a woman's hair is a powerful way of emotionally bonding with her. Also, gently massaging a woman in bed will help her relax and generally put her in the right mood. This might not make sense to most men but believe me, most women love these simple gestures.

5. Be verbal.

Unlike popular belief that women do not love a verbal man in bed, most women secretly love it when a man moans or is verbal in bed. Using a seductive voice to talk to a woman or show your satisfaction in bed is a huge turn-on and does not take away the fact you're a man! Most women will never tell a man to be verbal in bed but I can assure you that they secretly love it!

These are some of the things women secretly love in bed and it's important to note them in other to satisfy your woman.

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