Using And Dumping People Can Cost You Your Future


Human beings are spirits; you call for their wrath when you defile them. This is why no one should mislead, deceive or manipulate their fellow human being in the name of relationship or love. You defile a human when you ‘use’ them. Humans are to be loved.

If you are fond of having sex with others and dumping them once you are done, be careful. If you are in the habit of using others for your needs and once you are done, you drop them, be careful.

If you are a man and agree to date or be in a relationship with any lady in the name of marriage, it means you are making the lady a prophetess in your life. Their words have a huge impact on your life; their encouragement, counsel and prayers contribute to your success in life. How far you go in life as a man determines the kind of woman in your life. What they say has the power to come to pass.
Using And Dumping People Can Cost You Your Future
Using And Dumping People Can Cost You Your Future

This is why you have to be careful in selecting the right kind of woman as your partner. This means it’s not anything you are attracted to that you go for; it isn’t everything which looks appealing that you go for. You don't just use a woman and dump her. It is like dumping your destiny or future because you might cause her to speak words which you don't want to come to pass.

Women are powerful, and its time the young men of today know so they don't get involved with any woman when they know very well they have no plans of settling down with them.

Young pastors or ministers, who are luring ladies into a relationship in exchange for help, please be careful. Just as you call them your destiny helper, they have the power to become your destiny destroyer because you have given them access in the first place.

And if you are a lady who dates men for just your needs or help, be very careful. Men are sources, they are fathers. When you agree to be in a relationship with him, you are making him your source or father.

If you take his provision and protection for granted and take advantage of him, and make him go through pains, his curses come to pass because you submitted to that authority when you agreed to be with him.

The duty of the man is to love and cherish the woman in your life, not to abuse, use and dump her. The same way the woman is supposed to submit to your authority and not to fool or manipulate you.

No one likes used and dumped things, not to talk of being used and dumped by the one who claimed he or she loved you. If you can't be good to that man or woman you want to be in the relationship with, please don't waste their time, deceive, use and dump. They are better off without your lies.

Our today is a reflection of our future, what you send out today will come back to you tomorrow. What you sow today, is your harvest tomorrow, what you give today, you will get it tomorrow. So to avoid curses, choose to bless others today. Be real, be transparent, be a lover.

In conclusion "You cannot fool God, so don’t make a fool of yourself! You will harvest what you plant" - Galatians 6:7 (CEV).

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