Things To Consider While Correcting Your Spouse


Do you know the reason why your spouse seems not to take corrections from you and make amends?

Then read through:

• One thing is correcting your spouse when he or she steps on your toes; another is the "TONE" with which you've made such corrections.

You can mildly and calmly talk to someone even when you are hurt!!
You mustn't shout!!
You mustn't abuse him or her!
Things To Consider While Correcting Your Spouse
Things To Consider While Correcting Your Spouse

You mustn't call names!
You mustn't remind him or her how their parents have failed in raising them well!!
You mustn't scold them like a kid!
You mustn't remind them how immature they are!
You mustn't remind them of similar past mistakes!
You mustn't remind them that this is the 100th time they're making the same mistake!!

Even in the process of trying to make them see how uncomfortable you are with what they did, do that with a sense of humour and love !!!

Your TONE AND MANNER OF APPROACH determine greatly if you'll achieve great results or not!!

• And hey another is their mood at the time that correction was made!

What is their mood like?

Their present mood at that time you are giving out those corrections?? Is he or she in the perfect mood for that or is he or she seeing that at that particular time to be a distraction and disturbance??

Meet him or her in the best of their mood and talk maturely about that!! You'll be amazed because he or she will give you his or her reasons for doing that !!

You both should not be mad at the same time!!

• What is their level of Understanding like?? Do they see things the way you see them?? Are they willing to make corrections and make Amends? Or are you married to a spouse that thinks he or she knows it all?? A man or woman who feels insulted when they're being corrected?? Then you have workloads to do!

Keep being Amazing!!

Adaeze Linda Chukwunwike

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