No! I Cant Marry A Pastor, Ever!

Yesterday was Sunday, I was in church and everyone looked glorious ... And the service was just heavenly, my pastor was delivering the message with so much passion ... 

His words were hitting me right where I sat, suddenly my stomach did a flip flop... Oh....No!..Not in church... I couldn't control it.. I immediately dashed into the toilet and had a wonderful time there... but I could bet I was hearing sobs... Sobs coming from the back of the toilet. After cleaning up, I followed the sound and guess who I met, Daniella, my pastor's beautiful 6-year-old daughter crying, and Cherish, 9 years, trying to calm her down.

I tried to find out what was wrong, even though it took a long time before they voiced out. They were hungry... Daniella said " Aunty when I grow up, I will never marry a pastor so that I won't be hungry... My Daddy is a pastor and we are always hungry, but my friend's daddy is not a pastor and they never go hungry. Even mummy is hungry, we didn't eat yesterday."

I couldn't tell how tears flowed down my face, and God's word hit me like an arrow in my heart " We have sown spiritual seed among you, is it too much if we reap material gift from you"...1 cor 9:11.
No! I Cant Marry A Pastor, Ever!
No! I Cant Marry A Pastor, Ever!

How could I explain to these girls that being a pastor was a noble work and that the reason why they were going hungry was not their father's fault but the fault of us the members... We were not following God's order... A lot of us eat delicacies and forget the Levites who were interceding for us before God... We forget men who have sleepless nights digging the scriptures to get out secrets to move our life forward... The HolySpirit technically raised my head up as I saw the array of executive cars owned by the members which was a big contrast to the rickety car my pastor drives... Now I understand why my pastor's wife wore clothes that were not fashionable.

Friend, it's high time, we started taking the material needs of those who are blessing us spiritually seriously... Would it be wrong to personally place your pastor on a monthly allowance... Would it be wrong to support your pastor in paying his children's school fees...

Anyone who blesses you or ministers to you spiritually makes it a duty to bless them materially...

Our pastors are hungry...

1 Corinthians 9:11.

God bless you... Bless a minister today... And see how God will bless your ways... Remember a soldier who defends a nation and fights for a country does not have to do a side job in other to meet his needs... The Army provides for him and his family... Let's provide for our spiritual soldiers... Have a blessed week.


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