Love Lessons From A Big Sister


BROTHER: Hi sis, there is a lady I am starting to get close to. Since you are a woman, I wanted a woman's advice on how I can love her and treat her right

BIG SISTER: Oh bro! This shows how mature you are. First advice, before you love a woman, know who you are as a man and where you want to go in life. A lost man only frustrates a woman over time, but a man who has a vision for himself, his purpose, and the family he wants to build is easy to love and give love
Love Lessons From A Big Sister
Love Lessons From A Big Sister

BROTHER: I do have a vision for myself and I believe she fits into it well

BIG SISTER: Awesome bro! Second, before you talk about love with her, make sure you are ready for the responsibility of love. Don't get excited and introduce the love topic until you build a friendship with her. Don't lead her on if all you two are meant to be is friends

BROTHER: She and I are really good friends

BIG SISTER: That is great bro! As you build a friendship into love, don't rush her if she takes time to see your vision of a life with her. When you rush and pressure a woman, she repels; but when you respect her pace, she can't help but warm up to you

BROTHER: Wonderful advice, I hear you, sis

BIG SISTER: Fourth, don't tell her you to love her before you are ready to be held to account for those very important words. Once you say those words she will expect your actions to match them and expect those words to keep coming from you. Make sure you mean them. Be a man of your word

BROTHER: Got you sis

BIG SISTER: Understand her past, appreciate her journey before you and expect that she will have areas of weaknesses just like you which are opportunities for you two to grow together. A woman doesn't want to be judged, she seeks to be understood
BROTHER: Understand her, don't judge her. Got it

BIG SISTER: If you ask her to be your woman and to be an exclusive couple, give her the benefits that comes with it. Meaning you give her the power to ask you questions, to care for you, to be there for you, to have a say on matters concerning you, to spend time with you, to correct you with love, to know your struggles and celebrate your success. Be honest with her, a grown woman can handle the truth

BROTHER: May God help me!

BIG SISTER: Speaking of God, ask God to teach you how to love her and God will give you tips. Remember God is watching how you treat her

BROTHER: I will daily pray that prayer

BIG SISTER: You are amazing brother! When you see an area where she needs to grow, be there for her, encourage her, find out her dreams. Don't just expect her to do things for you, do things for her too

BROTHER: Love is two way

BIG SISTER: Exactly! If you two disagree, it doesn't mean you don't love each other. Show her that you two can maturely have difficult conversations without anyone being intimidated, shouted at or insulted. Make her feel safe

BROTHER: I will do that

BIG SISTER: Be a confident man, this keeps a woman attracted; but don't be filled with pride. Tame your ego, learn to say "Thank you", "I am sorry" and to be sensitive to her emotions


BIG SISTER: Make her feel beautiful, desired and special. Show her you are proud to love her, do not make another woman or women feel special lest you break her trust. Uphold her as your Queen and your priority and she will uphold you as her King. Do not make her compete with other women for you yet you call yourself hers. And when you marry her, don't change, only grow with her to become better. Do this and you will be loving her right

BROTHER: Wow sis, this is really helpful. I promise to treat her the way I would want a man to treat my sister

BIG SISTER: I wish more men were like you bro! Keen on loving a woman right, I am so proud of you.

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