Divorced Woman Reveals The 6 Mistakes Both Parts Need To Avoid In A Marriage

Who better to take marriage advice from than a woman who actually lived through a failed marriage? 

You might think that you shouldn’t be listening to someone who wasn’t able to make her marriage work in the first place. But actually, a woman who has suffered through a failed marriage might be someone who you can learn from.

She has some substantial insight into the wrongdoings in a relationship because she actually lived through it. She knows exactly what one needs to avoid doing in order to save a marriage.

You always need to learn from a person who failed because failure can provide some valuable perspective. You have to realize that if things are going also well, there is very little room for growth. You can only learn and grow from the things that you aren’t good at; the things that require a lot of improvement.

And that’s why this woman’s perspective is going to be incredibly valuable. You have to make sure that you open your mind and your heart. If you truly value your marriage, then you wouldn’t be so quick to shut down anyone’s advice.

You have to make sure that you do everything in your power to avoid committing the same mistakes that many other people have committed in their own relationships as well.

1. You expect your partner to change. You shouldn’t be expecting your partner to change. You should only be pushing them to be more of who they are. You should never be making them feel like they have to be someone other than who they truly are on the inside.

2. You expect your partner to be the one to meet you halfway. Naturally, if you are in a relationship with someone, you know that you always need to compromise and meet each other halfway if you want everything to work out. However, you can’t expect your partner to be the one who is ALWAYS going to meet you halfway. You need to also be willing to meet your partner halfway as well.

Compromise is essential in any kind of relationship. And compromise can only ever be done between two willing individuals. It’s never a one-sided ordeal.

3. Don’t deny your partner an opportunity to do something for you. You are strong and independent. No one is ever going to think that you’re weak. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of letting your partner actually take care of you. You might think that you’re just being so strong and admirable. But you’re just invalidating your partner’s efforts by doing so.
Divorced Woman Reveals The 6 Mistakes Both Parts Need To Avoid In A Marriage
Divorced Woman Reveals The 6 Mistakes Both Parts Need To Avoid In A Marriage

You don’t want your partner to feel like they are powerless to help make your life easier. You always want them to feel like they are still able to add some value to your life. And you can do that by allowing them to actually do stuff for you every once in a while.

4. You think that silence is a viable option for resolving conflict. You should never walk away from an argument just because you’re afraid of confrontation. You shouldn’t just stay quiet because you are afraid of arguing with your partner. It’s very essential that you ALWAYS talk to one another about everything – even the uncomfortable topics.

You aren’t always going to be talking about things that you like. But you should know that conflicts won’t fix themselves. You always need to be talking things out with one another. You must always be willing to have these conversations with your partner. You need to feel comfortable talking to one another about absolutely anything.

5. You allow your feelings and emotions to get the best of you. It can be very easy to let your feelings and emotions get the best of you. As a human being, you are a very emotional creature. You are someone who is always going to have sure feelings. However, you have to make sure that you keep these feelings in check.

There will be times in your marriage wherein you will feel very stressed or angry. In these moments, you need to always make sure that you keep your cool so that you don’t end up doing anything stupid or irresponsible.

6. You think that it’s okay to withhold your love. You should never be so withholding of your love in your marriage. In fact, you should never be withholding your love at all. And most essentially, you should know that there are no limits in which you can love another person. It’s practically impossible that you would ever love a person also much.

This is especially true with the person that you love most in the world. You shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that there is a ceiling to your love. You should always be building on the love you have for your partner.

The more you understand yourself, the more silence there is, the healthier you are. —Maxime LagacĂ©

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