5 Things The Devil Is Using To Fight Pastors!

The devil is aware that every minister of the gospel posses great treat to his dark kingdom. He has therefore devise a plan to "smite the shepherd and the sheep will scatter" strategy. 

And over the years and centuries, he has succeeded too much with this strategy. Even in this pandemic year all over the world, the devil still succeeds much with these strategies in the lives of many ministers.

In this strategy, he uses five modus operandi:

1. Gold: He uses the pursuance of money to finish many church leaders. Once your attitude to money is wrong in life and ministry, you are a sucker for the devil

2. Girls:
He uses the opposite sex to ruin the testimony of many ministers. Lots of ministers today have fallen prey to this strategy of the devil. They have become immoral, lustful, rapists, gay and sexually corrupt, thereby losing their anointing and God.

3. Glory: Pride, ego, boasting and self worth is another strategy the devil has used successfully to finish many ministers. We are proud of our grace, face, race, pace and pretenses.

4. Gimmicks:
Lies, sinful methods, tricky and ungodly means. Esoteric doctrines and fallacies to hoodwink people into erroneous practices and prophetic hoodoo. Too many ministers have resorted to demonic gimmicks to run their ministry today.

5. Gluttony: Too much eating, talking, sleeping, chatting, pleasure and over indulgence has destroyed many ministers of the gospel. The devil have used lack of discipline to finish off the life of many once powerful and anointed ministers of the gospel.
5 Things The Devil Is Using To Fight Pastors!
5 Things The Devil Is Using To Fight Pastors!

If the devil can come to our Lord Jesus to tempt Him (John 14:30), he will also come to you to tempt you with these five-fold strategies. But as Jesus overcome, may you receive grace to overcome too in Jesus mighty, mighty name.

Watchfulness, prayerfulness, healthy mentoring, monitoring, healthy christian friends and fellowships, accountability to a godly leader and stop walking at the brink of sin are greatly needed by those who will not fall prey to these ruinous gimmicks of the arch-enemy of God and the gospel of His Son, Jesus Christ!

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