18+: Chikapa Explained - What Is It Exactly?

Chikapa Explained - What Is It Exactly?

Whats Is Chikapa is one of the most asked questions and one of the most searched for term on this blog.There is one thing that can make any kind of intimacy more exciting and pleasurable. Yet for many of us, learning how to move during Chikapa can be scary and intimidating. Many people minimize movement, hold very still or have a few routine moves that they use every time.

Full body movement, and especially moving the pelvis, creates way more pleasure and creates the opportunity for full-body release.

So, what is Chikapa?

Chikapa is the name given to a practice found in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. It is basically GYRATING.

Here Is How To Get Moving During Chikapa:

First, confront the emotional barriers that keep you from moving. Some people are worried about how their body will look if they move too much. Others don’t want to seem like they are enjoying Chikapa too much, or fear they aren’t doing it right. Fear of judgement and shame keep us still and small in bed. Breakthrough these mental barriers and you will free yourself to enjoy Chikapa more!

One of the best ways to activate more movement in your body is to dance! Dance alone in your living room, with no one watching. With your favourite song playing, practice the three core components of erotic movement:
18+: Chikapa Explained - What Is It Exactly?
18+: Chikapa Explained - What Is It Exactly?

1. Hip Circles: Move your pelvis in a circular motion. Play with going slow, feeling each part of the circle. Then go faster, really shaking it up!

2. Hip Thrusts: Tilt your pelvis forward and back. Again, start slow to get a feel for the movement. Then speed it up. Try adding breath: inhale as you pull your pelvis back and exhale as you thrust forward!

3. Spinal Undulations: This is the most sophisticated erotic movement but also the most important for activating full-body pleasure. Undulations are wave-like motions that travel the entire length of your spine. Start with a pelvic thrust and then let the movement travel up your spine, ending only when your head tilts back at the end of the wave.

Once you get comfortable with these three erotic movements, try them while masturbating. As you stimulate yourself, try circles, thrusts and undulations. Notice what you feel.

When does the movement feel easy and fluid?
When does it feel tense or awkward?
Can you feel your pleasure spike during any of the movements?

Try holding your hand or toy still and moving into it to stimulate yourself. Notice how you feel!

Next, integrate more movement into partnered Chikapa. Tell your partner ahead of time that you are exploring moving more and agree to have fun with it together. If you are concerned about how you will look while moving, ask your partner to wear a blindfold so you can move without inhibitions!

Finding it hard to get started?

Try taking a dance class (with or without a partner!) A group movement class will help you get used to moving more in your body and remind you how good moving can feel!

Is Chikapa all the same everywhere else in Africa?
No, it isn't. In southern Africa, it's really all about how the woman pleases her man during Chikapa. In countries like Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda, they have a different version. Their version is all about a certain technique a man does to make his woman orgasm. Their version is basically when a guy slaps his dick on his woman's organ until she squirts.

What exactly is Zimbabwe's version of Chikapa?
It's how a woman moves her waist during conjugal action. This is the best, and probably the only explanation. Everyone has their version of Chikapa but I will stick to the one that everybody wants answers to.

How do you do this Zimbabwean version?

You need TWO things.

1. A flexible waist.
2. Good stamina.

Without any of these two, you will struggle to perform Chikapa.

Don't sit on a man's organ and rock back and forth. You need to lift yourself up a little bit so that you can throw your waist back and forth whilst you ride and "milk" his organ at the same time.

Once you build up your pace then build a rhythm. In short, do what she's doing.

That's pretty much it.

So you see, Chikapa is really about how you use your waist. You need to master your own technique and how you move your waist.

However without Jesus as yor personal Saviour all of this is in vain. Many who are experts at this are not even in marriages, fear God and learn the art of sexual satisfaction in your holy and godly marriage.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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