The Life Testimony Of An Evangelist!

Thank you, Lord, for everything. Born from a very humble background, Muslim family. Grown-up ndiri very bully.

All this was because of the way l was raised. 2007, l gave my life to Jesus that was my turning point. Was delivered from many spirits. In the process of my deliverance, a lot happened, l woke up one morning ndiri blind.

I remember talking to my daughter coming out of my bedroom saying "Sandy l can't see" but God opened my eyes.

Another day l woke up having a headache doing my household duties ndakangotanga kupenga wat happened there until Today handinyatsozive kubva kwangu nokuendeswa kumba kwa mufundisi wangu Shiloh Tiri Masenyama and Christabell Christabel Muponda Masenyama.

What l know is l had a vision of Apostle Pride Sibiya my father coming saying" daughter one heard you are not feeling well so we have come na mama to pray for you" that was that and was completely healed.
The Life Testimony Of An Evangelist!

All this the devil was fighting for my deliverance but ndakadzidziswa to fight for myself uye nokunamata.Handina kuzombodzokera kumashure futi since then. My life has changed. Now l m an ordained Pastor in Glory Ministries, a businesswoman.

I want to thank my parents Daniel Bester and the late Mary Chipembere Bester who gave birth to me. Thank you for everything love you, mum and dad.

Thank you to my spiritual parents Apostle Pride Sibiya and Anna Tendai Chiweshe Sibiya nekubvuma kudanwa na mwari, Overseers Zimbabwe, Maxwell Chinoruma, and Abigail Zhanje Chinoruma l am what l am because of your prayers. Thank you so much for your love.Love my parents.

Lastly, give your life to Jesus Today. It's not about where you come from what you have done but it's for your own benefit.

Say this prayer with me.

Heavily father l came to you and l m a sinner. l believe Jesus is your son that you raised him from the dead. I thank you that you have forgiven All my past mistakes and sins that old things have passed away and all things are now new. l have a new life right from this moment.


Happy birthday to me.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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