Reasonable Reasons For Not Going To Church!

Mangwana kuchechi: Excuse yako ndeyeyi? Some members of the church have thought of just about everything when it comes to excuses dzekusaenda kuchechi.

It kind of reminds you of the kid in school who always had a reason for not having his assignment completed: Ah yakadyiwa nembwa, my sister spilt juice on it, the wind caught it on the way to school, etc. Maybe some of our members were those very same kids in grade school! 

Here are some very interesting and very lame excuses that have actually been used as reasons for not attending church services:

1. “Company came over last night.”

2. “We couldn’t get the kids out of bed.”

3. “Mota yakabva yafa.”

4. “There are hypocrites in the church.”

5. “When I get my life straightened out I will come.”

6. “Sunday is my only day to sleep in.”

7. “Dad was sick.” (So the whole family stayed home.)

8. “Unodyirwa mari uko.”

9. "Ndakashaya hembe dzakachena, kana kuti ah magetsi akabva aenda."

If these excuses seem ludicrous, they ought to. They would be hilarious if they weren’t so insulting! Who do we think we are kidding?

Can you imagine using these excuses on your boss? “Sorry boss, I couldn’t make it in yesterday, we had company pop in on us.” Are these reasons reasonable to your boss? Will these reasons be reasonable to your God?
Reasonable Reasons For Not Going To Church!
Reasonable Reasons For Not Going To Church!

What would your boss say to that? Malachi1:8 says, “Offer it now unto thy governor; will he be pleased with it?” And if our employers would not accept excuses, why on earth would we suppose our jealous God would accept them (Exodus 34:14)?

When we use excuses, we are trying to cover up our lack of spiritual mindedness and flatly declaring that we simply do not have time for God. God is not pleased with such (Luke14:21) and neither are faithful members of the church. Mumwe achanonoka ipapa, ibva warara wakaaina, kwete kuzoita kunge wanga usingazvizive kuti mangwana kuchechi.
Bishop Pride Sibiya

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