Acts 13:36 and Acts 10:38.

Ministry is not about renting a hall.

Ministry is beyond getting an office.

Ministry is beyond erecting billboards and appearing in posters.

Ministry is more than wearing fine suits and to watch shoes.

Grammar is not ministry.

The packaging is not ministry.


Ministry is service.

Ministry is adding value to lives through service.

Ministry is making an impact through purpose and Spirit-driven services.

From the organogram of God's kingdom; ministry is serving your generation according to the will of God.

Ministry is service under the context of God's will.
A MUST READ: Understanding Ministry!
A MUST READ: Understanding Ministry!
The will of God is what defines the purpose boundaries of one's ministry services. In ministry, we serve according to God's will, not man's will.


Act's 10:38.

Jesus went about doing good; He went about adding value to lives.

From here we deduct that ministry is inherent in the minister.

Your ministry is in you.

Ministry is not about hall and crowds, it's in you.

This is why nobody can kill your ministry: when they take the hall away from you, the ministry in you will secure another place.

When they scatter your members, the ministry in you will gather another crowd.

A man who has discovered his ministry has discovered his generation. he who divorces his or her call has divorced their generation.

Ministry is mobile, not static; it moves as you move.

Jesus went about, He did not remain in one place.

Stop limiting your ministry to a place.

You can do ministry anywhere: in the market, school, office, bus, and street.

Your ministry headquarters is in you.

Go and manifest ...

Rev Harmony (Spiritual Director).

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Apostle Pride Sibiya

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