Check These 15 Most Common Mistakes Women Make In A Relationship!

You are sabotaging your own relationship if you are making the following mistakes below:

1. You make your man feel worthless by putting everything before him. Your man should come first.

2. You treat your man the same way you treat your girlfriends. This is wrong. You should have an understanding of your man’s needs and desires.

3. You have unrealistic expectations for your relationship and your partner. You need to evaluate your expectations to see if they’re realistic or not.

4. You compare your relationship to that of others. Everyone is unique and so are our relationships.

5. You stop taking care of yourself once you are settled in the relationship and let yourself go.
Check These 15 Most Common Mistakes Women Make In A Relationship!
Check These 15 Most Common Mistakes Women Make In A Relationship!

6. You tell him nothing is wrong when something is obviously wrong because you expect him to know what’s wrong. Doing this will only cause anger and resentment to build.

7. Nagging over something he didn’t do right. Nagging will never solve anything.

8. Not appreciating the things he does for you but focusing instead on the things he isn’t doing. The more you appreciate your man, the more he’ll want to do more.

9. You don’t know your worth and go for any man who comes your way.

10. You are too busy to spend quality time with your man. You can’t expect to have a successful relationship if you fail to put in enough time into your relationship.

11. You neglect your friends because of your relationship. A healthy relationship also creates room for friends. You shouldn’t neglect your friends because of your relationship.

12. Staying in a relationship in which you are being treated poorly because you don’t want to be single. You deserve better.

13. You disregard the opinions your friends have about your man. It’s definitely no coincidence that all your friends think your man isn’t good for you. Try to find why they have that opinion because they could be seeing things you aren’t seeing.

14. Bringing up talk about marriage too soon. Get to know each other first before conversations about the future creep in.

15. Acting like you are his mother. He won’t be with you if he wanted a mother because he already has one. Stop acting like his mother by trying to dictate everything that happens in his life.
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