21 Lessons Every Leader Must Learn!


1. Leadership is a platform for service to God and humanity.

2. You are on a mission. Stay focus and deliver on your mandate.

3. Don't use your leadership position to oppress, intimidate, harass the poor or perceived enemies.

4. All the wealth, affluence & influence that comes with your position should be for human benefit. A good name is better than great riches.

5. Witch-hurting others to make them carry you on the shoulder against their will is a sign of mediocrity.

6. Life is measure by contribution or donation, not duration. Be an agent of change, not destruction.

7. Don't forget your position is not permanent. The way up is down.
21 Lessons Every Leader Must Learn!
21 Lessons Every Leader Must Learn!

8. Remember those who gave you helping hands before your elevation.

9. People should not regret having you as their leader. A dictator is never a happy man.

10. Abusing people's rights and privileges only make you attract irreversible curses.

11. You will give an account of your stewardship one day. A day of reckoning will surely come.

12. If you use your leadership position to kill, you will also die one day. He that kills with a sword will die by a sword.

13. Pride and unreasonable behaviour are signs of incompetence and immaturity.

14. Have a sense of responsibility. You are representing people, not animals.

15. Don't be drunk with power that you no longer have respect and regard for the elderly.

16. Be lenient and stringent all together. Be proactive and decisive.

17. Let humility and uprightness become your watchword.

18. Learn the principle of silence. Great leaders are not loquacious.

19. Play inclusive governance. Autocratic leadership style always boomerang.

20. Have teamwork. Don't work alone.

21. Involve God in your daily affairs.

God bleed you!

Felix Alegbe

The Preacher, LifeCoach.

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21 Lessons Every Leader Must Learn!
21 Lessons Every Leader Must Learn!

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