Your Husband Vs. Your Pastor - 20 Things Women Do That Makes Their Husbands Hate Their Pastors

There are things that make your husband hate your pastor hence your church. Wonderful daughters never fall into this trap. 

While your pastor is very important do not forget that the hubby is the priest of your family, your first pastor. According to Peter, your husbands turn to God by your changed life, not your preachings. Read 1 Peter 3:1-6. Here are some things that make hubbies hate your pastor. Avoid these:

Written By Bishop Pride Sibiya

1. You call your pastor Papa, baba, tata, or even daddy and your hubby like nothing.

2. You always talk about how your pastor is a blessing and leave mama mruti and your hubby out of the story.

3. When you talk about your pastor, he is the real man, when you talk about your hubby, he is scrap.

4. You openly tell your hubby he has a lot to learn from your pastor. This may be true but should never be said this way coz men are egoistic.

5. You kneel when washing your pastor's hands and tell your hubby to go wash his hands.

6. You warm up water for hand-washing only when the pastor comes.

7. You only brag about your pastor's smartness and never praise your hubby.

8. You always say how lucky mai Mfundisi is to have a pastor.

9. You are a sharp critic of mai mfundisi. For you, the pastor, not her is called of God.

10. You travel with your pastor without prior arrangement with your husband.
Your Husband Vs. Your Pastor - 20 Things Women Do That Makes Their Husbands Hate Their Pastors
Your Husband Vs. Your Pastor - 20 Things Women Do That Makes Their Husbands Hate Their Pastors 

11. Every argument in the house is settled with, "the pastor said..." or "pastor never does it that way..." or "I will report to pastor..." Men usually respond by telling you and your pastor off or telling you to go and be "happily married" to your pastor. The man then hates the pastor. Please before you respect me, as your pastor, make sure you respect and honour your hubby. Do not make your husband think I am competing with him. NO! The Bible says, women ought to honour THEIR OWN hubbies, not other people's (Ephesians 5:22-24)... frankly, I am Anna's hubby, not yours, first honour your hubby, then out of the overflow, respect me. Respect me not as a hubby but as a servant of God!!! Tanzania here vanasikana???

12. You ask hubby about the weaknesses in your church.

13. When you are disciplined you do not admit you're wrong, instead, you tell your hubby that maybe the pastor hates you coz you are not rich.

14. There are things that you have come to understand and receive in Church e.g tithes, blessing the pastor, Do not ask questions from or show suspicion to your hubby about these.

15. You do not properly account for your time in Church.

16. When there is a report of sin, you blow the issue out of proportion to your hubby.

17. You buy groceries for your pastors more than your hubby's parents.

18. You rebuke your hubby in front of your pastor.

19. You show your pastor that your hubby is spiritually less mature, a baby in God, musatanist or call him heathen names.

20. Special cutlery is only reserved for the pastor. 

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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