"She Is Fat": No More Stigma

She's fat. That's how she is. So, don't go dating her and be expecting her to slim down. For what? Leave her alone!

If you want a slim lady, locate her. Don't go to a fat lady and be pressurizing her to reduce. She's unique in her way. And will find a guy that loves her like that. There are men that want it in heavy-duty. Please, locate your size. Leave the fat ladies alone!

She's slim? That's her uniqueness. Don't worry her into fatness! There's a guy that wants her exactly in that. Don't go asking her to fat up. If you don't want a slim lady, why dating one? Leave her alone! Locate your level!
"She Is Fat": No More Stigma
"She Is Fat": No More Stigma

One of my friends likes slim ladies. Another likes them heavy. Different strokes for different folks! If you like them chubby, that's OK. Don't tell a chubby lady to get fatter or reduce to slimness. Leave her alone! That's her uniqueness! My guy, stop making your girl feel miserable. Stop making her feel inadequate with her body structure or physique.

The same is applicable to ladies. Stop complaining about how your guy looks. He's unique in his way! If you don't like him like that, vamoose! Mbok! You have to go for you like and stop troubling people to condescend into your fashion. Don't date or court a chubby lady when you want a slim lady. Don't date a fat girl and wants her to slim down. Don't hook up with a slim babe and object she fattens up. It may not suit you well! Leave anyone in her uniqueness! Go for your spec. Know what you want. It'll save you much headache and heartache.

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N.B Remember we are not saying encourage one another to healthy living, we are just against the stigma of ladies and gents with bodies you do not feel comfortable with.

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