Pastor's And Aspiring Pastor's Wives

In my years of service under different churches and ministries, I can boldly say that it is very true that once in a while, a pastor's wife may be dissatisfied and unhappy with the man of God or some issues within the church. 

However the case may be, no matter how unhappy you are as a pastor's wife, never you show it on your face while your husband is preaching.

Over the years as a preacher, I don't preach and get my self lost, no matter how powerful the preaching may seem to be, I observe and watch, I see many crazy things people do while I yet preach. I have discovered that most times , members will oftentimes look at the minister's corner during the messages to see the response, reactions and the countenance of the church leadership/ work force or ministers.

So in a situation where a pastor is married and his wife is soured during the service, obviously such a woman has opened doors for criticism and people who read unnecessary meaning into everything will always have something to say.

Written By Seune Manuel
You may be feeling sick, unhealthy or dissatisfied, but always learn the act of putting a smile on your face and give encouraging response when your husband is ministering. You are your husband's number one 1 fan and member. How you celebrate him matters a lot. [These does not leave the ministers , deacons, elders , deaconesses etc out also. People are watching you.]
Pastor's And Aspiring Pastor's Wives
The energy you emit is the energy your church members will receive.

No matter what the case may be, If you have issues as a pastor's wife, go back home and settle your dispute stop showing people that you are not happy. Things I have seen pastor's wives doing, my mouth can not tell.

Dear Pastor's wife,  You are a role model to the young women and aspiring wives in your church.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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