MUST READ: Sad Life Reality That Helps

Eviction was eminent in the house I was renting. I couldn't afford the rent anymore. 

I posted my situation on Facebook looking for help, but all I could get was 2 likes and zero comments.
So I sent 250 messages to my list of contacts asking for a loan of R5,000 . Unfortunately only 10 people responded. 6 out of 10 said they couldn't help me. And only 1 of the 4 who promised they could help me actually gave me some money. The other 3 gave me no excuse and never took my calls again. In the end, I was kicked out.

I didn't have a place to sleep. I walked in the dark looking for options and unfortunately a thief stole my empty purse with my ID. He was seriously hit by a speeding car as he fled and died without the body being identified. Only the bag containing my identity card served as a quick reference point. The news the next day quickly spread around that I was dead.
MUST READ: Sad Life Reality That Helps
MUST READ: Sad Life Reality That Helps

2,500 people posted on my Facebook wall how they knew me, how awesome I was. A Committee was formed by my "faithful" friends who gathered R9000 to feed the people at my funeral.
My work colleagues got organized and brought R17000 for the coffin, tents and chairs. I was to be buried in a coffin worth R6000 .

The family came together again, it was a rare opportunity for them to reunite. So there was a meeting. For my funeral, the family contributed R35000 . Everyone wanted to volunteer to show they were involved. They have printed t-shirts and polo shirts for over R6000.

Imagine now the scene when I decided to show myself on the day of my funeral .....

This is how life goes today, a sad reality but which is part of our daily lives. You who read this story change your mentality. Help your brother when he needs you. Do not wait until his death to show him your love. It won't do him any good. Vanity of vanities all is vanity!

Lets change.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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