Married Women: How To Win Your Battles In Marriage


1. Talk less and pray more, a time comes when you have to understand talking will not solve it. Partner with God to shift what you need to shift in your marriage. You can create the marriage you desire on your knees.

2. Set up a prayer closet in your house, a room, or a small space in your house where you lock yourself where you mean business with God and wage war over your marriage daily.

3. If things are really really rough and also have to engage a higher gear, set apart one day in a week where you pray and fast for your marriage without fail.
Married Women: How To Win Your Battles In Marriage
Married Women: How To Win Your Battles In Marriage

4. If a thief comes and snatches your baby from you, you can’t sit, cry and say I give up, instead, you run after your child and grab him from the thief. Apply the same principle with your husband won't let a ‘strange woman’ take what belongs to you. It’s ok to cry and feel bad after that run and fight for what’s yours and bring him back ... tough but doable.

5. If you are really hurt and unable to pray, lock yourself in a room for an hour everyday play worship songs just nice slow songs of worship, and just lie down there and cry. God understands what every tear means. Healing happens in His presence.

6. Remember marriage is a cord of three, your spouse, God, and you. So if one person is misbehaving, then that leaves you and God to fix it and God has never lost any battle, your will not be the first one. Journey with God in your marriage.

7. Remember whatever does not answer to prayer, answers to more prayers. Don’t stop praying until you see change. Like Job said in Job 14:14 wait until change comes, even if it takes years.
May God raise in us a generation of women who will not give up on our marriages, women who will say no to divorce and declare ‘not my marriage’. Women who will take marriage as a gift from God and guard it with your all.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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