Singles, Settle This Before You Get Married!


By Seun Oladele

There are certain weaknesses you can't cope with in marriage no matter your anointing and a doctorate degree in patience and endurance, save yourself some headache and end that toxic relationship in peace!
Singles, Settle This Before You Get Married!
Singles, Settle This Before You Get Married!

I can't cope with lies and emotional manipulation so by the grace of God, I didn't marry a liar. My husband doesn't know how to twist words and change letters so I have my peace. He could never cope with a mentally lazy woman and an adulteress, he has his peace!

Someone says "what if he/she is God's will?" What some singles call God's will these days makes me laugh if not cry! Because you know they are embarking on a journey of no return and that journey is a journey of destruction for "there is a way that seemeth right unto a man..."

If both of you are having sex now in courtship, you are both potential adulterers! If you can be audacious to disobey God in courtship, the disobedient spirit will still follow you into marriage.

If he tells lies like crazy now, oh my God!

If she insults and disgraces you now...

If he is hot-tempered and ill-mannered now...

If both of you are prayerless now...

If you don't have any job/vision/dream/business/career now...

For those who have taken the job of the Holy Spirit to change and transform another human being like themselves...I rest my case.

"Every good and perfect gift comes from the father of light..." If the gift is making or has the potential to make your life miserable, it is not from God. Is that clear?

Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

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