Must Read: Dear Ladies! With Love From Men's Association

Dear Ladies, on behalf of the “Mans Association:”

Our hearts are also fragile. Stop confusing our masculinity with emotional strength and stamina. The heart (seat of emotions) knows no gender. Have you not seen your brothers cry when they were boys? We are still the same boys but in a different body suit. We still feel hurt & pain. We may have beard and a bit more muscle, but the heart is still the same as yours. We too carry wounds from a past.

By Prophet Adam Rupere

-We have had failed relationships too.

-We have been cheated on as well.

-We have lost a lover to a better looking man before (that’s more often the case than not).

-We compete for you amongst ourselves too.

-We have arrogant ‘folk’ as well, who come and snatch you out of our hands. The battle is the same across the room. When you see us smile, looking bold and brave, don’t always confuse that with the state of our heart. We can fight a lion in the streets, we can wrestle with an intruder at night, and we can hunt down game to feed you. But there is one who enters our hearts and we become weak and powerless. That one is you! Yes you the Lady. The daughter of Eve. We forget that we are the high and mighty. Our sense of reason evades us. We become creatures of emotions. Like an ox led to the slaughter we are subject to the vice of your grip on our hearts. Listen to me:
Must Read: Dear Ladies! With Love From Men's Association
Must Read: Dear Ladies! With Love From Men's Association

-It’s the same stuff that hurt Judge Samson.

-It’s the same experience that King David had with Bathsheba.

-It’s the experience of King Solomon.

-King Herod assassinated John the Baptist under similar circumstances.

-Proverbs 7 is exemplified through it. The list is endless. But the point I have to make is handle with care, fragile goods inside. When we separate and divorce, regardless of who is responsible, we are also hurt. We give you a part of us, as we in turn receive a part if not all of you, and it hurts to see you walk away like that, even we are responsible. Let me close and say: that stuff you do to ignore us, hurts too. We love your attention as well. The silent treatments, the cold shoulders and the delayed responses hurt us too. There is a better place called: LOVE. We want you there.

•Thank you for your submission, come to Love.

•Thank you for checking up on the family, come to Love.

•Thank you for cooking, come to Love.

•Thank you for looking after the children, come to Love.

•Thank you for accommodating your in-laws, my family, come to Love.

•Thank you for all you do, the list is also endless, please come to Love.

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By Prophet Adam Rupere (Senior Pastor , Life Excellence Church, Author: Lady In Excellence)
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