Covid-19 And Marriages: Marrieds Listen

Married couples (man and woman) 

Are you aware that many marriages have collapsed during this trying times of coronavirus pandemic as a result of retrenchment, emotional abuse, domestic violence, salary cuts and or after the loss of jobs/businesses?
Covid-19 And Marriages: Marrieds Listen
Covid-19 And Marriages: Marrieds Listen

The truth is "all marriages that were kept by payslips/money have all collapsed." Married men and married women, this hard time of coronavirus pandemic is not the time to fight, separate, beat the other, quarrel, or divorce your wife/husband. It is time to pray together, work together as a team, inspire each other, and give each other a shoulder to lean on. Those men and women whose marriage will survive this hard time will live together forever happily as husband and wife in a happy everlasting marriage.

After the war was over, Moses counted his soldiers and none of them was missing. Likewise, after the coronavirus pandemic is over after hard economic times are over and after spending most of the time together at home is over, your darling beloved wife/husband will not be missing.

Stand up for your marriage, pray together, hold your wife/husband close to you as a team, and WIN together.

Married men and married women, always remember that "a disloyal, divided, fighting, crying, rude, undisciplined, disrespectful, self-centered, and arrogant team will always FAIL/lose the game/battle."

But "an organized, focused, truly loving, happy, disciplined, loyal, visionary, trustworthy, hardworking, prayerful, and united team will always WIN together."

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