Beyond The Wedding Rings And Marriage Certificate

BEYOND THE WEDDING RINGS AND MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE: Marriage is more than a marriage certificate and wedding rings, it is:

1. Having that one person who is faithful and loyal to you for life

2. Having a companion till death

3. Having a best friend to do serious and silly stuff with

4. Having someone to laugh at your jokes even when they are not that funny

5. Having someone who gives you great sex and that great sex is all yours

6. Having that one person you share a home with who knows you better than anyone

7. Having a prayer partner that knows what to pray because he/she is involved in every aspect of your life.

8. Having someone to go through the joys, stress, and struggles of parenthood with

9. Having someone who understands you even when the world doesn't get you

10. Having someone to nurse you when you are sick

11. Having someone to help you out with responsibilities and chores at home

12. Having a co-leader in leading your family

13. Having that one person to hold and hug you and kiss when you need to be comforted and reassured

14. Having that one person to express your feelings to,  vent to, pour out your frustrations to and makeup quickly with

15. Having someone to advise you because he/she has the greatest stake in your future

16. Having someone to count on and will not turn you down because you two are one

17. Having that one person to go out on dates with even when you two are old and grey

18. Having that one person to wash your back in the shower, massage you and oil you for free and with love

19. Having someone to come home to and tell how your day has been

20. Having that one person who cheers you on even when you feel like giving up because your success is his/her success

21. Having someone to go for events with and brag you are Mr. and Mrs.

22. Having someone who helps with finances and how to manage life. Doing love as a team

23. Having someone who knows your history, lives with you your today and builds with you your future

24. Having someone to entertain visitors within your home
Beyond The Wedding Rings And Marriage Certificate
25. Having someone to change the world with, a partner in touching lives

26. Having someone to look back at life when you are old and see meaning and fulfilment because you loved and were loved

27. Having someone to bring you back on track when you go astray

28. Having someone who can ask you "Are you OK?" even years down the line because he/she cares

29. Having someone who still finds you attractive even when your body ages, hair turns grey and wrinkles fill your face

30. Having someone to be accountable to. This keeps you humble, focused and brings out the best in you

31. Having that one person in your life that you are most scared to lose

There are many who are legally married with a marriage certificate and wedding rings, but they don't have a blessed marriage. It's time we remember and go back to what marriage is about. Time to not only be legally married but have the blessings and meaning that comes with being married

Written By Akello Oliech and Dayan Masinde

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