5 Things You Do Could Lead To Demons Possessing You. Stop These!

Sometimes, our actions are the ones opening doors for dangerous spirits into our lives. Many, will say that prayer is the way to avoid demonical possessions, but our behaviors should be controlled to not invite demonical entities into us.
5 Things You Do Could Lead To Demons Possessing You. Stop These!
5 Things You Do Could Lead To Demons Possessing You. Stop These! 

By FrancisNkufi

This is 5 things you should not do:

1. Conjuring the dead. Calling upon people who already dead in the physical world, can be a huge entry gate for demonical spirits in your life.

2. Consulting Horoscopes to reveal future events are also extremely dangerous.

3. Astrology. Which is basically interpreting celestial bodies to influence your life is also risky.

4. Palm Reading. Many people love to have their palm read, anticipating predictions of their lives future events. This is a big demonic entry gate.

5. Interpretation of omens and lots. And any other search of hidden powers can make you vulnerable to these deadly entities as also stated by the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

The phenomena of clairvoyance are also highly not advised.

Sex, not only being a physical pleasure exchange but is also a spiritual exchange between the 2 involves, which can be an open door for the unwanted spirit in your life.

This advice has been recommended through testimonies and researches.

If you have been in contact with any of these events or houses, you might not see any change in your existence immediately, but this could be a wake-up call, to seek spiritual assistance immediately before the rain of strange events.

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