3 Sets Of People You Must Never Mock


1. Your HUSBAND (Or Wife).

Your husband is the head of your family. This is God's order. Mocking him is defying the laws of God. Micah mocked David her husband. She called him a " vain fellow shamelessly uncovering himself". When you begin to call your husband names, you are in for serious trouble. Her womb was closed. She never had a child for David. When you mock your husband, it will adversely affect innocent children. (Read 2 Samuel 6)

2. Your FATHER( and Mother).

The Bible is very clear and explicit. Reuben went to sleep with his father's concubine and he ended up with a curse. This is a mockery. Absalom chased his father away from the throne. He died unceremoniously. Whatever you do to bring shame to your father is a mockery. Mothers, never instigate your children against their father. It will be too dangerous for them. Whatever disagreements you have with their father stops with you. Do not extend it.

3 Sets Of People You Must Never Mock
3 Sets Of People You Must Never Mock

Remember, the Bible only talks about the Father's Blessing, not the mother’s blessings. Let the heart of their father bless the children. Malachi 4:6 says... whosoever separates children from their father, upon them shall be a curse. If you are guilty of this, please humble yourself and go and make things right with your father. If you don't, life may be a struggle for you. Be wise.

Some youths came out of nowhere and began to chant a mockery song against Elisha. They were torn into pieces by bears. An elderly man in his seventies said..... 'I have learned never to mock a true servant of God'. Never join anyone to mock true servants of God. Job said, what I do not know, I searched out. This is the wisdom of great people. Wise people do not despise SPIRITUAL DIGNITARIES.

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