Women Listen: 3 Things That Your Men Can't Do Without

1. RESPECT: Every man want to be respected by their woman, they want to be placed in high regard, they want you to acknowledge that they are your muscle. 

When you as a woman proof to your husband that you can do anything and everything without him, it hurts their ego, it makes them feel less of themselves.

By Coach Yemisi

My woman, even if you can do everything all by yourself just like many of us can, pretend sometimes, let him on the generator, let him help you lift heavy loads, tell him you need his muscles to help lift it, let him kill that cockroaches on the wall, behave like a baby sometimes. When you see something scary, don't form James Bond, run to him for protection even if you can handle the situation yourself, make them feel you're weak without them even though you know you're not, it makes them feel good, it makes them feel they are in control, it will increase his self-esteem and increase his love for you.

Learn not to shout on your husband, if you have to correct him, do it with love "soft words drive away wrath" says the Bible, woman be soft in your approach towards your husband, it will do you a lot of good.
Women Listen: 3 Things That You Men Can't Do Without
Women Listen: 3 Things That Your Men Can't Do Without

2. GOOD FOOD: This is a way to a man's heart, if you are a good cook, it will be difficult for someone to use food to entice your husband outside but when you don't have this skill as a woman, it's a disaster. Many women out there cannot prepare noodles successfully without turning it to tuwo, and you expect your husband to put up with that for the rest of his life? Up your skill madam, learn how to cook delicacies. Let your husband be salivating from the office, let him rush home because of dinner, make him look forward to every meal you prepare. It's a dangerous thing if you cannot cook like a woman.

Learn both local and continental dishes, make surprise meal that he has never seen before, set the table as if you're expecting a king, he is a king in his kingdom, give him good food, make him happy, ask him if he enjoys the meal, draw his cheek as he's eating, play with him, he will love you for it, he won't want to eat outside or do anything that will make him miss your food, you need to be a great cook.

The greatest of them all, men don't joke with this. Men are easily triggered by what they see, you don't need to touch a man before they gets turned on, seeing their beautiful wife alone is enough to turn them on, women try and understand, sometimes you may be tired of course and it's not every time you can be in the mood, but try, do your best to score high mark in that area. Women are beautiful and our beauty is what is making them lose control, let him have his way, don't be the type of woman that is always having headaches, don't always give excuses to shy away from bed matters. If there's anything he's not doing right, tell him, if you're not enjoying it, tell him, he's your husband.

Tell him where you want him to touch always communicate during the action. You're not deaf and dumb, make yourself flexible, move your body for him, he is your husband, you married him because you love him, show him the love, let him feel you, don't just like down there, do something, be romantic, be adventurous when it comes to bed matters, take him on an adventure, don't say "if you like do snake in the monkey shadow style, a cheat will always cheat" don't say that when you've not even tried, some men lack love at home, that's why they go out and some devils in the name of side-chick will cage them and once they are caged, that's the end, it will take divine intervention but ask yourself first, have you tried everything you as a wife supposed to do?

Do you show him enough love? Do you respect him enough? Don't you shout and nag him to death? "A wise woman builds her home" see, God will not give you a perfect heaven made man, there's no perfect man anywhere, we all have our flops and weaknesses, that's why you are helpmeet. Help him get up from his weaknesses, that's what love does. He should also help you in your weaknesses too, that's the reason both of you married. It's to shape out the best version of you.

Marriage is a lot of work, only responsible adults can determine to make their marriage work.
Woman, God is counting on you to do the right thing, if hubby is doing the wrong thing and you're also doing the wrong thing, 2 wrongs don't make a right. When you are consistent in doing the right thing, hubby will be compelled to do the right thing too. His conscience will tell on him when it's wrong.

Lastly to the men, fear God and depart from evil. If your wife is good to you, it's only fair that you reciprocate. Be a good husband to your wife, treat her like a queen she is, pamper her, take good care of her. Don't forget that the fact she's married doesn't mean she's not having admirers outside, men are also asking her out, if she is faithful to you, it's only fair that you are faithful to her, you made a vow on your wedding day, God takes those vows seriously. I'm sure you will not want another man to fetch water from your wife's well, imagine how you will feel if you get to know? It's the same feeling she will have if she gets to know that you're also fetching water from another woman's well, we are all emotional being. The Bible even says it categorically " Proverbs 5:15 Drink waters out of thine own cistern, and running waters out of thine own well. All men need to read the whole of Proverbs chapter 5, you will understand better.

Don't go outside digging another person's well, the water may overflow and carry you away.

God bless your marriage. AMEN.

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