The Launch-Pad Of The Elder In The Local Church

As an elder, it is very important to know your launch-pad as an elder at a local assembly because without this you may confuse yourself or end up confusing others along the way. 

You may end up doing things you were not supposed to do or not do things you should be doing. a launchpad is a place where you derive your energy to do things.

1. The Board Of Elders

It is a serious launch-pad of the elders. In small churches, pastors, elders, and strategic ministers are part of it. In a big church then there is a need to separate these.

Your first port of call is the eldership board. the pastor should bring the vision to elders then these run with it to the church. the board is not a financial board bt is run by the executive. On many boards, the pastor is the chairman and the vice is a vice-chairman, not vice-pastor.

The meetings of the board are to:

a) Get vision downloads whether its an annual, monthly, or weekly, especially at the beginning of the year so the pastor downloads the vision into the board.

b) Look into issues of discipline issues within the church. When someone in the church keeps acting in ways that may bring the ministry to disrepute they sit down to discuss such issues, not the deacons or executive boards.

c. Evaluate the performance of the church departments, administrative wing, ministries, and everyone especially in line with the vision. However, do not interfere too much in the church departments that you'd have assigned.
The Launch-Pad Of The Elder In The Local Church
The Launch-Pad Of The Elder In The Local Church

d). The general spiritual temperature of the church. Is the church healthy, are we not neglecting prayer in the church, etc?

Just a few of eldership meetings in a year are needed, maybe 2-3 annually, not too many.

N.B An elder can be chosen to function internationally for a certain duty. It may be even district, provincial, or national level. that particular elder should be relieved from some responsibilities in the local assembly so that they can operate on the higher office. However, the elder continues to be under his/her pastor in submission and sits on the local church board.

2. Zone-Coordinator Launchpad
As the church grows, cell groups must be put into zones. These zones then must be led by elders because as the church grows, the pastor loses personal touch with the rest of the people therefore there is a need for the elders to get to the grassroots. the elder becomes the overseer of the zones as they check if cell-leaders are doing well. Reports are brought from that constituency.

3. Oversight Launchpad
The church grows and there are more ministries and departments in the church. There will be 3-4 departments being overseen by an elder. The eldership plans so that there is a refining of the fishing nets and also are appointed by the pastor to be oversights of certain groupings in the church. If you do not increase departments you will stifle growth. Remember you are just an oversight not the leader of the departments...just an oversight. The pastor gets reports from the oversights.

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