The Elder: The Face Of The Pastor

I immediately knew when my spiritual father, Archbishop Asa Gurupira kept reemphasizing that I must listen to his teaching on elders that I was in for a great spiritual treat. 

Much of what is written in this article is a direct result of what I have tapped into from this great resource of heavenly wisdom. I salute you, Papa.

By Bishop Pride Sibiya

The office of an elder is a very important one in the local assembly. Without the elder, the church limps and is not fully functional. 1 Peter 5:1-4. we will start by looking at the 4 aspects of the face of the elder, and the elder as the face of the pastor, vision, and ministry too. Please read on.

1. The Extension Of The Pastor To The local Assembly

An elder is a very important arm on which the pastor rests. Never contradict your pastor to the local church

In Colossians 4:7-9 Tytichus told the church all the good about Paul, telling them his heart
When you fight the pastor your face becomes distorted. As you fight your pastor, you are becoming distorted and fighting yourself. Pass the heart of the pastor to the church. The people respect you only when they see you as one with the pastor. elders who do their own thing initially get the support of their people before they also lose respect. Do not be an Absolom to your pastor. Never denigrate your pastor, if there are any problems talk to the pastor.

You are a minister in the office of the pastor but also a one who runs the work.
The Elder: The Face Of The Pastor
The Elder: The Face Of The Pastor

2. A good and godly example

1 Timothy 3:1-7
Great character because you are the face of your pastor. Make sure your marriage is great and godly or you can ruin the next generation.

Model what you want the church to be. Lead by example even in giving, prayer, attending services. Let your marriage be a model

3.Defend and run the vision of the church so that it is passed to the next generation (John 17:20)

Love your church, vision, and defend your vision. John 17 Jesus manifested the name of His father, it speaks of the heart and vision of the Father.
It is useless to be in a church and refuse to run with its vision. The vision is the umbrella that brings covering and even provide to you and your family so refusing to run with it will make it fight against you.

The elder is number 1 to display the pastor's heart and vision to the church. If you have any problem while transmitting the vision go back to the pastor, not to transmit it wrongly, discuss with people, change it, or criticize. A God-given vision must be handled with fear, it is not football or a political thing. It is of God and must be passed to the next generation unadulterated.

Any things that you feel are not right please carry on doing what the pastor says till the next great meeting with the visionaries or seniors.

Always think generational, think of posterity.

4. A Teacher Before the Flock

1 Peter 5:2 you are a teacher, give an example and teach the people to do the right thing. You are in the office of the pastor and so that anointing exudes from that office.

The four points above give you a face before your congregation.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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