Spirit Husbands And Wives Can Cause This: Read

According to Apostle Gabriel, a marriage counselor, the activities of spirit husbands and wives can lead to the following;

1. It Breaks Down True Love In The Home; A lady who was having affairs in the dream was shocked when the husband suddenly came back from work one day and declared that he will not eat her food, claiming that she was a witch. Gradually, the hatred increased and swallowed the love in the home. But she decided to wage war against the spirit husband by going for deliverance and her marriage was restored.

2. It Can Cause Divorce In The Home; Spirit spouses are instrumental to the majority of divorce cases in marriage homes. It is contracted within three months can suddenly turn out to be bizarre and a thing to be despised. A well-educated lady, in spite of her effort to save her marriage from collapsing ends in court the following month to receive her divorce letter.

3. They Can Induce Strong Lust And Uncontrollable Drive For Sex; A man who was a very aggressive sex maniac had three women as wives in succession. Each woman ran from the home with the same complaint. The uncontrolled sex appetite of the man. At last, the man was advised by a native doctor to buy a female duck, which he was to be used temporarily for lovemaking.What have to say about ladies who satisfy themselves sexually with candlesticks, they need help! 

There was a lady who came for deliverance and complained that whenever her urge came up, she used a knife to satisfy herself. But Jesus set her free.

4. It Causes Unexplainable Sickness And Diseases; These spirit spouses are responsible for most of the cases of sickness detect or cures, spirit spouse introduce demonic material into bodies of people through kissing or sex or evil programming that result in unexplainable sickness.

5. Frustrated Business Ministerial Opportunities; Any time there is an opportunities to make money or preach the gospel, these spirit beings engage their victims in sex and abort the opportunities, if you are a minister who always experiences wet dreams every time, you must wage war against them before they empty and drain away from your anointing.

6. Broken Engagement And Promise; These are people who have a long history of broken engagement or delay in marriage. This is the responsibility of the spirit spouse delegated against them.
Spirit Husbands And Wives Can Cause This
Spirit Husbands And Wives Can Cause This

They Can Swallow Your Potentials Or Virtues; Spirit spouse can waste your talents and impoverish their victims. If the victim is destined to succeed, they destroy his potentials through spiritual sex. Sex in dreams always projects failures, calamity, and non- achievements.

7. Difficulty In Child Bearing; Spirit spouse interferes with marriage making childbearing impossible.

8. Inability To Secure a Partner; Many women and men find it difficult to secure a partner just because they are married in a spiritual realm.

9. Loss Of Interest In Marriage; A lot of people have no interest in marriage at all because an evil spirit has married them in the spirit realm.

10. Prostitution; Prostitution is influenced and established by the power behind the evil spiritual marriages.

11. Wage war against these spirits;They cause a lot of havoc.
A woman married the first man he died, married the second husband and he also died. These are the work of the spirit husband and wife.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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