Signs Of Spirit Husband or Wife Attack! (This Is How You Know You Have A Spiritual Spouse)

A Spirit husband or wife is an evil spirit that marries people to Satan. They are spirits sent by Satan to defile and pollute the human race. 

They fight against the will of God in marriage. Their goal is to see that the joy and purpose of marriage are defeated between couples. (Hebrew 13:4).

Eighty-five percent of the human race are under the attack of a spiritual spouse, whether Christian or not. It is unfortunate that the majority of those who are under these attacks are ignorant of what is happening to them and the harm that these spirit has done to them. Spiritual marriage with forces of darkness is evil in its entire ramification. It pulls down the fabrics of success, it terminates productive,
Godly and peaceful marriage. No matter how attractive it may look on the surface, spiritual marriage pulls down people and therefore, must be pulled down as well. According to Apostle Gabriel Frederick, in his book "Breaking The Barrier Of Delay In Marriage", he outlined the following, as the symptoms or signs of spirit husband and wife:

1. Making love in your dreams with opposite or same-sex too frequently.
2. Seeing a strange figure lay close to you in your dreams.
3. Having extreme wet dreams.
4. Seeing yourself being molested by invisible personalities.
4. Having gifts without anyone giving them to you physically.
5. Feeling like masturbating all the time.
6. Breaking of marital engagement from your fiance or fiancee without any tangible reason.
7. Having Disappointment, such as promised and fail.
8. Overwhelmed with lust even when reading the Bible or in a Church service.
9. You are single, yet, when men come to ask for your hand in marriage, you develop hatred and scare them away.
10. Spoiling anything you touch.
11. Failures, backwardness hardship
12. Finding it difficult to make love with your spouse, yet lusting after the opposite sex outside.
13. Always feeling as if there is a ring in your finger.
14. Picking an unexplainable quarrel with your spouse after sex in your dreams.
15. Low sperm count, fibroid, vaginal discharge or infertility issue.

However, Spirit husband or Wife breaks down true love in the home, they can cause divorce in the home and can also induce strong lust and uncontrollable drive for sex.

These Spirit spouses are responsible for most of the cases of sickness to detect or cures. Spirit spouse introduce demonic materials into the bodies of people through kissing, sex or evil programming that result in unexplainable sickness.

You must get to a point where you tell the devil and all the spirit wives or husband's that enough is enough. You must undertake a journey for your freedom. Then marital breakthrough, release from bondage, peace, progress and stability in every department of life will be your lot.

There are many of the signs.If you have discovered these signs, you need to wage war against these spirits. They are the ones behind these problems.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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