Se*: Is It As Casual As Social Media Potrays?

IF SEX was that casual, then GOD would not have designed it with a SEAL in place. 

A SEAL is a sign of PRIVACY, importance, controlled or regulated entry, protected and guaranteed. Why SEAL this particular area? The mouth is not sealed at birth, eyes are very important but they are not sealed, ears are not sealed, the excrement area is not sealed either, so WHY SEAL the sexual organs?

By Wilson Jijitah Splasher

The highest level of COVENANT(agreement) is done by blood, and human blood.

NO 1 It is the master's intention to facilitate a BLOOD COVENANT between a couple, His and Her blood become one, creating a permanent BLOOD BOND. Remember virginity does not grow back, it's intended for that one very special person, and ONLY after benediction from an ordained priesthood. This becomes a PERPETUAL union, till death do us part.
Se*: Is It As Casual As Social Media Potrays?
Se*: Is It As Casual As Social Media Potrays?

NO 2 IF this seal is broken before marriage, it is a trespass: After all it is not a good idea. If the relationship does not work, one walks away with a BLOOD COVENANT which cannot be replaced.

VIRGINITY is ONLY once in a lifetime!

People ask GOD for forgiveness and he forgives, but the benefit of a BLOOD BONDING has been stolen.


FRIENDS SEX can wait!

If I cannot wait, I PRAY to GOD, to help me find my life partner and do THINGS properly.

SEXUAL PURITY is not an option, it is a must.

Have a super blessed day

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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