Pray This Prayer, Get Results!

If there's anything you need to do at this moment it's just to give some minutes of your time to these prayers.

Say these prayers with all your heart for God to open every door that the enemy might have closed in your life.

The word of God says, "call upon me and I will answer you, I will show you great and wonderful things which you do not know".

Child of God, the Lord Almighty is ever ready to answer you. This month is your appointed time of visitation!

This year will never end without God honoring His words in your life. So say these words of prayer for God to unlock every closed door in your life today.

i. Let every bad luck in my life turn to good luck in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

ii. Let every spirit of limitations be taken away in Jesus' name.

iii. I decree and declare, I shall live and not die young in Jesus' name.

Pray This Prayer, Get Results!

iv. Every possession of mine takes by the devil, I collect them back by the fire in Jesus' name.

v. Every demonic hand that is planning evil and all forms of negative things in my life be cut off in Jesus' name.

vi. Let every spirit of disappointment and dejection in my life turn to favor in Jesus name.

vii. Let every arrow fired against me by the enemy go back to the sender in Jesus' mighty name.

viii. I declare myself free from every bondage of the enemy in Jesus' name.

ix. Every negative thing projected from the enemy zone, let them go back to the sender in Jesus name.

x. I separate myself from every coven of darkness in the mighty name of Jesus.

xi. Let the destruction of the Holy ghost kill every agent of death in my life in the mighty name of Jesus.

Brethren, have faith and say these prayers and claim it by typing "Amen" in the comment section. God will surely intervene for your sake in Jesus' name. Please try and share.

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Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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