Moving The Church To The Next Level: Prayer Is Our Power

“One who kneels before God will stand before man”


Is it not an act of grace that the Great Creator of the entire world has said to us? “Call unto me and I will answer you, and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know” (Jeremiah 33:3). Prayer is a way of calling unto God, is powerful, and accomplishing great things. It is talking to God and when we pray in faith and holiness, fervently it is effective and powerful (James 5:15-16). God knows what we want before we pray, but sometimes God waits for us to give Him the mandate over us and earth because when He created us He gave the authority to us so we need to “allow” Him to intervene in our lives according to Dr. Myles Munroe. 

In Genesis God said about us: “…let them have dominion… ”. Dominion is ours so God will not enter our domain if we do not grant Him permission; so to say. Prayer is a sign of dependence on God. As we pray we are showing God that there is no other way. “I am weak, I can’t do it alone”. As we do this we exchange our weaknesses for his strength…. “When I am weak then I am strong” (2 Corinthians 12:10).

By Bishop Pride Sibiya

Prayer should not be a ritualistic, traditional form of speaking words into the atmosphere but an exercise done with a heart yearning to speak to God. It should be done in liberty and in the Spirit (Jude 20:21). This is not to be mistaken with emotions. We pray because we have to, not because we feel like praying. Christianity is not only about feelings but faith and facts. We do not pray only when we feel excitement to pray when the mood is right, but even when we feel like God is not hearing. If God can hear you insulting someone when you are down emotionally why can’t he hear your prayer? A lot of people are mistaken about powerful prayer.
Moving The Church To The Next Level: Prayer Is Our Power
Moving The Church To The Next Level: Prayer Is Our Power

Some think a powerful prayer is that said out with a loud voice. Some think you have to run around and jump while some think you have to use a host of theological jargon like, “Almighty God, transcendent and immanent, omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent, the uncaused causer and immanent, unmoved mover, the uncreated Creator, ancient of days…..” When they hear a brother with a hoarse voice they say, “He is a prayer warrior”. These are misconceptions of prayer and I must be quick in addressing this. Emotions, body-language, and others are all very important in prayer because prayer is not only confined to your spirit but also includes your body and soul. 

After all, what is wrong about using your body and energy to manifest the godly emotions and affection you have towards God. Do all you want in prayer. Jumping around and walking or running, lying down, kneeling, or squatting is all-good in different forms of prayer (e.g. warfare, intercession, praise, petitions, etc), and I encourage these, but they do not form the basis of powerful prayer.

Powerful prayer is that which is ordered by the Spirit (Romans 8:26). It is from a clean heart, made in faith and even angels participate in such a prayer (Revelation 8:3-5). Such prayer can change heaven’s plans! Because of Israel’s sin, God at many times wanted to destroy them but Moses would intercede and God would repent of His plans (e.g. Numbers 11:1-3). When we say God does not change we mean his attributes and character, not his plans and thoughts. In Isaiah 38, God had processed Hezekiah’s “visa” for him to exit this world, to die. He prayed to God and God responded:

“I have heard your prayer and seen your tears; I will add fifteen years to your life” (Isaiah 38:5)

Elijah, a man like us, prayed and changed geography and its rainfall patterns (James 5:17-18). For us to transform things in the earthly and heavenly realms and bring God’s blessings to us we ought to pray. Prayer will make a path for our vision and bring God’s promises into tangible reality. Munamato unesimba umthandazo ulamandla,(there is power in prayer) Jesus knew he was a man of vision and so prayed always (Mark 1:35), 6:46, 47, Luke 5:16, 6:12). We, therefore, ought to pray always, sometimes aloud, sometimes in the temple of your heart and as long as we confess our sins we are sure that our loving Father and God will hear (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

Prayer should be a daily exercise. We are God’s ministry and no one should talk of spending a day or days on end without praying. A prayer-less Christian is a powerless Christian. A prayerful Christian is a powerful Christian. We are a praying church because God’s army does not march into warfare on its feet but on its knees. Through prayer, our ministry is built on a firm and sure foundation and the vision will succeed. As we pray let us open our ears to hear what God is saying to us so that it will be a two–way communication. Later I will make available more information about prophetic praying.

Every day there are certain things and issues we should bring into God’s presence to see our vision successful. These are given below:

Praise and Worship

Pray for the Apostle and the Leadership

Pray for the ministry at large

Pray for your life, family, and needs

Pray for the lost souls that they may also come to the saving knowledge

Pray always and call unto the God of Heaven, He will hear us and open many closed doors in our lives. However, there are doors that need other practical steps for them to open. Giving is one such step.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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