Men Must Read: Your So Called "Knife" Needs Love To Be A "Wife."

Hello guys. Even if you are in a hard marriage where your wife seems to be all the opposite of what you ever dreamt of, you can still mould her.

 Did you know that according to the Bible it is the prerogative of the man to mould a wife of his dreams...not her aunt, not your pastor, not your mother. These are just auxiliaries but the onus is on a man...and any woman can change unless if she has other deliverance issues. Women need love and attention..."...God help me to love and be attentive to Anna." Pray the same prayer but put your wife name!

By Apostle Pride Sibiya with Pastor Anna Sibiya

The kind of love our wives need was demonstrated by Jesus Christ, hence Paul exhorts us to love our wives as Jesus loves the Church. Most of us have no problems appreciating other men's wives except ours. We must appreciate our own wives...not small house or another's wife. Since love, for women, is a NEED not WANT, women tend to malfunction and become "knives" if they do not feel loved by their own.
Men Must Read: Your So Called "Knife" Needs Love To Be A "Wife."
Men Must Read: Your So Called "Knife" Needs Love To Be A "Wife."

Loving, the Jesus way may turn that knife into a wife again. This is the three-fold type of love Jesus exhibited to us:

1. Sacrificial love:
He knew He had to die for His wife. To sacrifice is to lose something you knew you ought to have to give away something valuable. Men ought to be ready to sacrifice some friends, money, relations, properties, fame and the like in order to win their wives. A woman will fight anything she thinks steals your attention from her. There are arguments you must be willing to lose just to win your wife. You must be prepared to die for your wife. That is love!

2. Forgiving love: Jesus had good intentions for his wife but His wife led Him to the cross! What did He say? "Forgive them, Papa, they know not what they do," though he could have called 10 000 angels to destroy them. The Church has been married to Christ, waiting for the wedding, but what scandals happen in Church...thousands! Guys, women have many short-falls and do a lot of things that are so boring(usually not intentional). Some discuss our short-comings with friends, compare us, publish our issues, disrespect us and some WhatsApp with past lovers. Some drive the car into the wall, break glass, play and fail in college, misuse money. How do you respond when your wife has put you to the cross like this?: "Father forgive her, she knows not what she does, she is just a woman!" Kikiki! I know it is not as easy as I am saying it! Forgive your wife, you are the man of the house, you are papa, you can do it!

3. Perfecting love: Jesus returned to Heaven but sent Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers to perfect his wife. She was married but not perfect. Remember your wife and you have not gone to a school of marriage. You have the pic of the wife you want...from dressing, body odour, lingerie, class, culture, taste, food, and all.

Do not expect your wife to "prophesy" your expectations and what you fantasise even in the bedroom. Be clear and mould your own wife: a wife comes as raw materials, not as a finished product! Perfect your own wife not lusting after a woman another man has perfected alone. Love, love love is the greatest weapon you can ever use to transform a knife into a wife! I wish I knew this ever since.

Pray with me: "Lord, please help me and my brother to be the husband you intended us to be. Our own human love will not suffice so please give us the agape kind of love, the love of God in us for our wives and families. We receive Jesus Christ the ultimate lover, love personified! Amen." 

Love you brothers! Apostle P Sibiya

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.
Bishop Pride SibiyaAnd Mama Anna Tendayi Sibiya

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