Activities Of Marine Spirits

Marine Spirits are progressively penetrating and influencing the behavioural patterns of some churches.

In general, marine spirits are referred to as spirits which have an operational foundation in the sea, They are spirits thrown down from heaven (Rev 12 vs 12) and (13 vs 1) and made their residence for the oceans, seas, rivers, streams, and lakes. Many who are specialists in the deliverance school know marine spirits are harder to identify than the spirit of witchcraft.

Some of their Activities: Marine kingdom believes they are the strongest among the three demonic kingdoms. The reason is simple, at creation the earth was without form and was covered with water, and things inside water are bigger as it covered 70% landmass compared to land. So Dealing with marine-related problems is difficult.

They are very calculating in their dealing, they mainly target strong men of God, only by God Intervention will you be able to overcome them, Well just know that their sole aim is to destroyed life, family, bring down powerful men of God and also inflict curses, disease to men who normally sees girl just as a sling.
Activities Of Marine Spirits
Activities Of Marine Spirits

They are responsible for most of many cases like for chronic spinster/bachelorhood, divorce, bankruptcy, spirit husband and spirit wife.

Their mode of Operating: The most time they took posses people to get what they want, just know that you can get entrance into your life Putting on their property, Borrowing items from people and by Dedication to them at birth.

You can deal with them by accepting Jesus as your personal lord and saviour and then confessing and denouncing dedication and engaging in Warfare prayers.

Lord as your children has accepted and denounced all activities of the marine spirit may all their lost possessions locate you and your entire generation in Jesus mighty name I prayed.


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