7 Costly Mistakes Of People With Great Destiny.

7 Costly Mistakes Of People With Great Destiny.

Everyone is born great, but just as all five fingers are not equal, greatness is in degrees. Making reference to the parable of talents in the Bible, you will observe that in life, we are not all given the same amount of talent or gift. Naturally, some are more gifted than others.

The same lies with destiny. Some have a more glorious destiny than others. Primarily, this is not by anyone’s making, but by the will of the Creator who has designed everyone for a specific purpose.

Foremost, did you know that people who have such great destiny are usually set apart from others in the sight of God? For this reason, there are certainly worse things that others may do and escape, but for them, they can hardly escape the punishment of God.

Not only that, the devil himself often keeps vigilant eyes on such people so that they won’t fulfill their great destiny or rising to stardom.

Unfortunately, most people who are designed to have a very great and glorious destiny end up not attaining it. In this article, we shall be x-raying on 7 costly mistakes of people with a great destiny.


Nothing kills faster than a wrong marriage. A wrong marriage can seriously set one back in life irrespective of how great someone's destiny might be.

If you know you have a great destiny, the choice of a marriage partner is not something you should take lightly. Oftentimes, it can determine the difference between life and death. Choose your life partner prayerfully and watchfully.

If you think you are already in a wrong marriage, ask God for wisdom on how to live with your spouse.
7 Costly Mistakes Of People With Great Destiny.
7 Costly Mistakes Of People With Great Destiny.


So many people are yet to realize the weight of s3xual immorality on one’s life in the realm of the spirit whether it is fornication, adultery or homos3xuality. When people who have great destiny begin to mess up with their bodies, they are opening a wide door for the enemy to molest them and stop them from fulfilling their great destiny.

If you are toiling with immorality, you are making a costly mistake that can terminate your greatness. Always remember Samson in the Bible!


Did you know that often times, people with great destiny face more oppositions, disappointments and failures than others? Sometimes, they may even think they are cursed or their 'Village People' are after them.

If you know you have a great destiny, you need to take prayers like the air you breathe. Don’t joke with fervent, effective, and persistent prayers. The mistake of prayerlessness is a costly mistake that can rob people of their great destiny.


If you have a great destiny, it may interest you that, though you may not know it, there are people around you who perceive it. Let it not seem strange to you when people, even those closest to you hurt you in a way you never imagined.

This is usually a test of the strength of your heart and your ability to forgive. Unforgiveness can give the enemy access into your life and keep your great destiny bound. Learn to forgive. Unforgiveness is a costly mistake you shouldn’t make if you know that you have a great destiny.


It is ridiculous how some people assume that because they have a great destiny, there is no need for self-improvement.

Self-improvement is the act of all-round developing and improving oneself, especially in the area of one’s calling. Some folks tend to ‘over-spiritualize’ certain matters, thinking that everything boils down to one's religiosity or spirituality.


Integrity is your reputation. It is your name. It is your passport and identity. Especially in these times, many people no longer value integrity. They feel that everyone is allowed to do something wrong, even those who should be seen as the hallmark of integrity.

If you have a great destiny, avoid anything that has the capacity to stain your integrity because it really matters in every way. Lack of integrity is a costly mistake people with great destiny make.


Some relationships in your life are orchestrated by God to fast track you to your destiny. It is not all relationships that you terminate prematurely.

Also, be careful not to always look down on people because you don’t know who may be your destiny helper, even if they don’t look like it. While there is no rule that compels you to remain in a wrong and harmful relationship, even if it was once helpful, at the same time be careful of how you end your relationship with people.

Premature relationship termination is one of the costly mistakes people with great destiny often make.

Finally, I hope you learned a life-changing lesson from reading this article. Don't be a victim of the 7 costly mistakes of people with a great destiny.


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