5 Things Women Secretly Crave For But Hesitate To Tell Their Man

Women can be very complicated at times, especially if you are not patient enough to pay close attention to their moods and gestures. 

A woman may seriously need something from her man but would not speak up while hoping her man will notice.

As a man, it is your job to pay attention to your woman in order to truly know and when her gesture seems too difficult for you to understand, do well to ask her what she wants.

However, here are 5 things women secretly crave for but would hesitate to tell their man:

1. ATTENTION: Women tend to love attention so much. When they are with you, they would want all your attention to be focused on them. You dare not make use of your mobile phone or your laptop else they may get angry that you are not paying enough attention to them. Inasmuch as they love attention so much, they often hesitate to let you know. They would simply be giving you body language that they're not happy with what you're doing.

2. CUDDLING: When a woman is around her man and she is about to go to sleep, she would want to be cuddled. If you prove to be busy or not in the mood of cuddling, you may not have rest of mind the following day. Although women want to be cuddled, they often expect their man to know this so they automatically do not yell their man.
5 Things Women Secretly Crave For But Hesitate To Tell Their Man
5 Things Women Secretly Crave For But Hesitate To Tell Their Man 

3. ASSURANCE: Women often crave for assurance from their man but they won't tell him. A woman would want to be constantly reminded that she is the only woman in the man's life and that no other lady can take her place.

Women want to be loved and treated like Queens. They crave for love like it is displayed in Indian and Philippines movies. They want to always receive lovely texts, calls, etc but will hesitate to tell their man.

5. MONEY: This seems to be a very high craving for most women but they would hesitate to tell their man. Ladies love to be gifted cash by their man and would patiently wait for him to do so.

If you feel there are other cravings you have noticed in women which they hesitate to tell their man, kindly tell us in the comment section. Also, do not forget to like and share this article.

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