12 Best Romantic Things A Guy Needs To Do For His Woman

12 Best Romantic Things A Guy Needs To Do For His Woman

Guys have you wondered why your relationship with your woman lacks the spark that it needs, worry no more and read on

12 Communicate with your woman

Guys communication is key in a relationship, you need to ask your woman what she needs and what she would like to see happen going forward in a relationship, otherwise, how will you know what she desires and what bothers her?

11. Be attentive to her

Never ever ignore your woman, do not get too over-occupied with your work, make time for her, always bear in mind that she might need you to talk to her and you just reject her, if you ignore her she will go to other men who will give her the attention that she needs.

10. Buy her gifts

I know that we as guys might not have money at some point, but if you do not have money to buy her an expensive gift buy her a set of chocolates or flowers, by doing this, she will see that you are a man who is striving to achieve his goals and striving to provide for her.
12 Best Romantic Things A Guy Needs To Do For His Woman
12 Best Romantic Things A Guy Needs To Do For His Woman 

9. Never forget her birthday

As a guy, you should never forget your girl's favourite day, make sure that you are the first person who wished her a wonderful birthday and to add on to that, you need to spend that her with her alone and give her the blessings that she deserves.

8. Become her chef and cook her favourite meal

A nice good meal make every woman feel happy, what better way can make her feel better than cooking her favourite meal for her, by doing this she will notice that you do not depend on her to cook at all times and you are a big boy who can cook for himself.

7. Take her out on dinner date

While you are free on weekends, take your woman out on a dinner date and enjoy a good meal together that will allow you to talk about your dreams, desires and ambitions.

6. Play her favourite love song or sing it to her if you can

Singing her favourite song is like actually making the lyrics of the song your own words and actually telling her those words as if they were your own, by doing this, the love that you feel for her will come running down from her head to her toes.

5. Run her a hot bubble bath

If it happens that you live with your girl make sure that whenever she comes home from work or school she had a hot bubble bath waiting for her and add her favourite drink and complement it with flowers.

4. Kiss her everyday

Whenever you wake up, in the afternoon or when you sleep to make sure that you have given your girl a mouth-watering kiss in her lips, her neck, her feet, her shoulders, her back and her thighs, as a result, she will never forget your lips and whenever she is not with you, she will crave for your lips from morning to evening.

3. Show her affection

If you do not show your woman affection then who will? It is your job to do so, touch and hold her thighs, hold her assets and hug her, get close to her and make sure that there are body heat and electricity between the two of you.

2. Tell her every day that you love her dearly

Make sure that a day does not go by without you telling her that you love her some much, tell her that she is the most beautiful woman on earth, tell her that she is your ride or die, why not tell her these things she is your potential future wife and the mother of your children anyway.

1. Make love with her

The one thing that settles everything down after a night out and excellent communication and affection are by making love with her, be passionate when you make love with her, ask her how she feels and how does she want it, do not force things and end it with a goodnight kiss.

Okay, guys and ladies, my name is Tumi and I really hope that you did enjoy the article and will find it useful., these are some of the things that I do so if you wish you can contact me on 0720547350, have a great one.

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