You Are The Woman Of Influence: Read This


You're not just a woman to give birth and take care of the house or be a career person, no! You're more than that. You occupy a serious position in the life of a man and even your children. You are the body to make his head grow high or tall.

By Am David Izuchukwu.

Do not always think of what the man you will marry will do for you but what you will do for him to make a difference in his life? That is when he is favored with God as a result of meeting you.
Behind a respected and honored man stands a woman who takes her role as a 'helper' seriously. A woman that knows her position and recognize her work in the life of that man and do it will definitely make the man honorable and stand before kings.
You Are The Woman Of Influence: Read This
You Are The Woman Of Influence: Read This

Look at Mary the mother of Jesus in John 2:1-11, it was about the wedding at Cana of Galilee, where Jesus went with His mother and later turned water to wine.

Do you know that Mary knew her position well as a woman, that was why she could approach Jesus when the wine was exhausted. She operated in her zone with full authority. Come to think of it; was Jesus a winemaker or what was his business about wine?

She knew who Jesus was, she was determined to be a help in the fulfillment of His destiny. Now, Jesus answered her and said it wasn't yet His time and guess what this woman of faith, purpose-driven, and helper did? In verse 5 of that John 2, she told the servants that they should do whatever He says. Jesus didn't give her the assurance of doing anything but Mary knew her worth and position, she has spoken and alas in verse 7, Jesus gave the servants way out. What influence of a woman which marked the beginning of His miracle! (Right influence)

I was at a wedding ceremony recently and the couples read their nuptial vows, the woman said 'I promise to obey you, respect your unique talents and abilities; I am committed to you and shall support you, I promise to be there for you and you shall not walk alone (not Liverpool football club o). My heart shall be your shelter and my arms shall be your home'.

Oh, mine, I was moved that was awesome but the gospel truth is, it is not by saying but by acting it out. How well are you supporting the man in your life or how well are you ready to support the man in your life? This does not have to do physical outlook, it is about your spirit, who controls your heart, have you allowed God?

Any woman can spend a man's money. But only a real woman can help a man achieve his goals, support him when he's broke, push him to be successful, compliment him on regular basis and never kick him while he's down.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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