"Tirikuuraiwa Nenzara," Zimbabwe's Cheating Women Respond (Video/Audio Included)


Greetings. There has been an outcry amongst the men of Zimbabwe as in the past weeks many married women ranging from housemaids, housewives, professional women, and even clergy-women have been busted for cheating and many have been caught in the act. Ain't it a real shame that we have reached to such a bad omen.

By Bishop Pride Sibiya

Bishop Pride and mama Anna Tenndayi Chiweshe Sibiya have had a number of online talks where they were exploring why all of a sudden women have escalated the level of cheating and how this can be mended. Here area few and explanations from the clergymen:
"Tirikuuraiwa Nenzara," Zimbabwe's Cheating Women Respond
"Tirikuuraiwa Nenzara," Zimbabwe's Cheating Women Respond

1. The greatest problem is leaving God.

When we leave God out of our lives for what we call the "modern" we run away from the basic source of life. When you do not fear God you lose focus in life, and where there is no vision the people cast off restraint, there is no self-control. Let us recommit our lives to God through Jesus Christ today!...NOW!

2. The Principle of Similitude

The principle states that we always become what our role models are, we are becoming similar to them. Men are the heads of the family and as such are the role models of the world. The church is becoming like Jesus, not Jesus like the church...a woman is becoming like the man not vice-versa.

It is so unfortunate that Satan through the generations and our culture has incultured male prostitution and made it condoned by statements like, "varume imbwa," "bhuru rinoonekwa nemavanga," "hakuna murume asingahure (men are dogs that sleep around, a bull is marked by scars, every man sleeps around)."

While female prostitution has been overly condemned it is sad to realize that men have set up a wrong model that women are fast copying, and it will need the Word of God to reverse this.

3. Lack of bedroom communication

Communication in marriages is a thing that we all need to improve because it is so critical. That being said, it is a sad reality that most couples do not have bedroom communication. Women are taught to just accept what has happened in lovemaking and men are wired to silence their wives concerning this: "hatidi zvechihure muno!" or "wakazvidzidza kupi izvozvo!"(we do not want weird things here or where did you learn this).

Men have the prerogative to ask our wives to be open about what they fantasize about in the bedroom, lead the talk like a man, and give space to your wife to speak. What she says may, initially, bring pain, but ultimately will build your marriage and cut unfaithfulness. Please, guys, open lines of communication in this area, you may think you are doing a great job yet you are misfiring, no need to be shameful, women are complicated machines.
Ask: What do you prefer? Where do you prefer I spend time touching you? What do you fantasize about? Can you please also take a leading role. What style do you like the most? How many times would you like to make love? Are you ready for me to come in now? Slow or fast? And so on!

Do not just assume that you are doing a great job, I am telling you!
"Tirikuuraiwa Nenzara," Zimbabwe's Cheating Women Respond
"Tirikuuraiwa Nenzara," Zimbabwe's Cheating Women Respond

4. Men should just throw away that egoistic notion that when it comes to love-making and marriage they know it all and need no help from anyone. Most men mock at the notion of even seeing a pastor for help because they think they are the best at everything...guys there are 7.8 billion people in the world and do imagine you are the centre of the world and that the world revolves only around you. we all need help. Start attending men's fora, church, men's seminars, bachelors parties, not just going for braais and barbeques talking about football...WOMEN ARE LEARNING EVERY TIME!

5. Other complains we heard included:
"Men do not want to bath"
"Men are always tired for the bedroom game. They spend all their energy at work or girlfriends... "
"Men think they know..."
"We are cheating in revenge, men cheat us big time..."
"They do not give us money..."
"Men always beat us and terrify us, when you then get someone loving, it's peaceful..."
"Men do not show us love and affection. some of us are never told you are loved, kissed, touched or get a present..."
"We need attention..."

For more issue please click the above visual/audio media and hear Zimbabwean women complain on the radio, Power F.M with D.J Scott.

As we conclude, ladies and gentlemen, cheating is still a sin and extra-marital affairs are not of God and will get us into marital disaster and ultimately to hell. "Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral. Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you." So we say with confidence, "The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?" Hebrews 13:4-6.

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