The Secrets Of The Early Church


(Acts 6:1-15)

1)They understood that problems always arise in the ministry(Acts 6:1)

There is no way we can totally eradicate challenges in ministry. What we can do is not to avoid challenges from coming but we can prepare ourselves so that when challenges come we will overcome.

2)The understood that every department in the church is important(Acts 6:1-2)

The Apostles valued the catering department that's why they made sure that the challenges that arose in that department were solved.Every department is important,ushering,catering,cleaning,etc.

3)They delegated work to others(Acts 6:3)

As a minister, you will never get anywhere if you do everything alone. There is a need to raise people who can do things with you. The Apostles had to appoint people to help them do the work of catering.
The Secrets Of The Early Church
The Secrets Of The Early Church

4)They focused on their assignments(Acts 6:2,4)

The apostles gave themselves fully to their assignment. They did not waste time doing what was not part of their assignment. They said they would not leave the ministry of the word and prayer to go serve tables. We need to stay focused on our assignments in life.

5)They understood that every assignment in the kingdom requires qualified people(Acts 6:3)

The Apostles chose men who were of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom. It is crucial that we put people who are suitable for a given assignment.

6)They understood the importance of the laying on of hands(Acts 6:6)

The Apostles laid their hands on all those they had appointed. There is an impartation that happens when hands are laid on people.

7)They were comfortable with starting small(Acts 6:1-8)

Stephen was a great man. He started with doing catering and serving tables and God elevated him. He was humble and he accepted small beginnings but he did not end there he grew to become a great man of God. We need to be faithful in small beginnings if we want God to elevate us.

8)They understood that faith is the key to walking in the miraculous(Acts 6:8)

Miracles happened in the ministry of Stephen because he was a man of faith. With God, all things are possible (Mark 10:27) our part as believers are to believe (Mark 9:23)

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